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The Devil – love tarot

Love tarot reading : The Devil

Anger · jealousy and injury · Self-delusions · Selfishness · Violence

The devil is not as terrifying as you can expect.

It is a card about bondage, but often it is metaphorical and internal.

With this card, you are called upon to look more closely at the situations in your life and understand their true meaning.

devil love tarot

The card orders restraint. It will also be welcome in feelings, because you will have to master to make important decisions about the future of your relationship with a cool head.

If you are in a long, romantic relationship, one or both sides may come to a point where they feel trapped in that situation.

If you are receiving signals that are so, try talking about it if you want to stay connected. This card sometimes appears when you really can’t do anything, but just end the unhappy relationship. We always have a choice.

Take steps to keep your magic alive. If you are looking for love, this card can be a signal that you reach a critical point that is definitely a deterrent to the indiscriminate partners. If this is the case, consider giving off a short time to learn more about yourself.

Go back to finding new friends when you need it less.

love tarot
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