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The Chariot – love tarot

Love tarot reading : The Chariot

Travel · Progression · Strong character · Success as a result of effort · Transport and movement

The chariot shows a lot of energy, but you can’t waste it for nothing.

The card reminds us that we should properly use this internal energy and direct it to a specific goal.

When this card appears in spacing, it may mean that you are probably able to clearly define your goals and dreams and know how to achieve them.

chariot love tarot

The chariot can also refer to our love life, which will be very intense. In the sphere of feelings, it will also be very important to set specific boundaries and set goals for the future. Awareness of own expectations about the relationship and their needs.

When it comes to love, it’s possible that you will be amorous, get involved too quickly or give in to someone else’s pressure and force yourself to make serious declarations that you have not emotionally matured.

You need to learn to better communicate your limits and openly talk about your preferences. Be honest with yourself and in discussions with your partner or candidate.

If you are not interested in a relationship with someone who clearly wants to be with you, the best thing you can do is to inform the person that you simply do not see opportunities for you.

Single people will not be ready yet to create new, strong relationships. They will persist in looking at the past and torturing themselves with past mistakes instead of drawing conclusions from them and moving on. It is impossible to build the future, being constantly immersed in memories.

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