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Temperance – love tarot

Love tarot reading : Temperance

Ability · Control · Harmony and balance · Overcoming addictions · Confidence

Moderation is a card about balance in life and interpersonal relationships, including those romantic.

Friendships, family, romantic partnerships and purely professional relationships clearly require your attention. It is also an alchemy and matching card.

You may have to search and try for a long time before you get into what you’re interested in and find the path you want to follow.

temperance love tarot

The same can be in relationships with others. The card orders you to be open to relationships. Try. You can also test various solutions to your problems within one relationship.

The card requires you to devote valuable time to a relationship that is especially important to you.

Before you can really find peace and wisdom in your relationships, you must find peace within yourself. Pay special attention to how you feel about your mistakes and failures.

Draw conclusions from them, then forgive yourself and simply forget about them. This is the only way you can really make progress.

love tarot
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