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Death – love tarot

Love tarot reading : Death

The End · New Beginning · Loss · Dramatic Change · Destruction

Death is very rarely an indication physical death.

As a rule, it is considered inappropriate to predict physical death because we have free will, and death is not permanently recorded in our lives.

This card only indicates transformation and change. It is definitely a time of deep transformation in your life, which will probably be both internal and external.

death love tarot

Stability will also not be given to you in a relationship. People who you thought you knew and were certain in your life may no longer be the same. You must accept the changes with which you will be confronted and learn to live with them, adapt.

If you are in a relationship in which you are deeply unhappy because you are afraid of loneliness, or you are afraid to break relationships that do not serve you, you are not doing anything good either for yourself or for your partner.

You must honestly and thoroughly discuss any problems with your relationship with him, and if you cannot or do not intend to make a change, it may be time to split up.

If you do not have the courage to leave the comfort zone, which is your relationship, remember that in this way you are blocking both of you the way to find someone with whom you will really be happy.

Not all relationships can be repaired. You can’t endlessly beat your head against the wall. Don’t be afraid to think that something went wrong. Sometimes it’s nobody’s fault and just a mismatch.

love tarot
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