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The Wheel of Fortune – finance tarot

Finance tarot reading : The Wheel of Fortune

Change · Destiny · Success · Life cycles · A new direction

The Wheel of Fortune indicates that you’ll finally be ready for change.

This card may symbolize the transformation of life that is needed but very difficult to initiate. You will approach these changes like a hedgehog dog, but they will be necessary to get rid of what destroys your life.

It’s about changing harmful, destructive habits or having to give up bad habits.

wheel of fortune finance tarot

The wheel of fortune also means changes that can affect your life for many years. It is possible that in the best possible way you will use your private and professional contacts, which will allow you to achieve great success.

The Wheel of Fortune is generally a good omen for anyone who has been doing poorly for some time.

It means that your situation may change for the better. However, if you have a long period of prosperity, consider the opposite – that your income may decrease slightly.

If so, make sure you are prepared for the proverbial rainy day. In the long run, of course, everything will even out.

This card may suggest that some unexpected coincidence will cause our success. It can be a surprise or some spontaneous idea that we will come up with and start implementing it.

The Wheel of Fortune may suggest quick and decisive action that will bring quick results.

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