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The Star – finance tarot

Finance tarot reading : The Star

Calm · Destiny · Hope · Chance · Renewal

When a Star appears in your spacing, it means that you will probably feel inspired and have more hope for the future than ever before.

This card means satisfying all needs: spiritual and emotional as well as financial and material.

The star also talks about the need for caution. Don’t trust everyone. Next to you will be fake people who will only be waiting for your trip.

star finance tarot

The star indicates strong spirituality, a sense of balance and harmony with itself. You will finally be mature enough to make responsible decisions about your future and finances. Perhaps you decide to still take a large loan for a house or apartment, or take on additional work.

The star is a very powerful and positive sign, so you will probably be financially better at this time than you thought.

There is a chance for something extra in the air. It’s also a great time to take risks, but only if you can afford them. You will be endowed with a gambler line and a nose for finances. If you are brave by nature, you must seize this opportunity.

So if you want to play the stock market or invest in shares, a modest investment can bring good returns in the future.

It can also be a good time to ask for a raise at work, and if you sell goods, e.g. online, it can be a good time to get rid of those you don’t need for a long time and are only lying in your closet, on the shelf, or in garage.

You’ll have everything you need, and probably even more, so enjoy it. It will be a golden time for your finances, but don’t forget to help others in need.

This help will be appreciated in the future, and people to whom you reach out with a helping hand will remember their obligations and you will be able to count on them.

finance tarot
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