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The Papess – finance tarot

Finance tarot reading : The Magician

Female influences · Mystery · Understanding · Wisdom

The priestess is a very spiritual, sexual card.

It may mean that you are in a phase where you will be more physically attractive to others.

It is a card assigned to the moon, femininity and inspiration that you will intensively draw on everything you come into contact with.

papess finance tarot

This card also refers to our financial sphere, whether we will feel confident in business and business contacts.

Someone may not be honest with you about finances, you may not have all the information you need.

Don’t be afraid to ask and be interested in this issue. Make sure that when it comes to financial transactions, you only provide the information you need and nothing more.

You will not be sure if you assess the situation correctly. This card may indicate uncertainty, lack of a clear, clear professional situation or reluctance to develop in the professional sphere.

It is also information that we have approached something or a problem incorrectly or incorrectly.

This may be an indication that our actions are or have been pointless, unnecessarily, we have devoted too much effort to unimportant things, and important matters actually happened next to us.

finance tarot
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