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The Moon – finance tarot

Finance tarot reading : The Moon

Be careful · Caution · Confusion · Illusion · Risk

The moon indicates that some things may now seem a bit confusing.

It may be difficult for you to understand what drives you, and even more what others think and feel.

You have to accept uncertainty, don’t try to force people to do things before they are ready. Your impatience will not help you in social contacts.

moon finance tarot

The moon indicates a passion for everything mysterious and undiscovered. The card warns you not to use this “key” in business. Do not let simple curiosity direct your expenses, because you can drown your money in uncertain businesses and worthless things.

If you are waiting for financial decisions that others must make, the appearance of this card may mean that you will have to wait longer.

People who will influence the further development of your career or the flourishing of your business will respect their time and will prefer to think carefully about the ventures before fully engaging in them.

It will not be a good time to make business decisions based on something other than absolute, specific fact. A thorough risk analysis will allow you to make the right choices and, if necessary, take a step back to save money and invest it in something more valuable.

The sense and so-called the nose to business will return next month. For now, do not go crazy with expenses and do not engage in uncertain ventures. At the end of the month, someone will present you a lucrative professional proposal, it will be worth attention.

finance tarot
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