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The Devil – finance tarot

Finance tarot reading : The Devil

Anger · Jealousy and resentment · Own delusion · Selfishness · Violence

The devil is not as scary as you might expect.

This is a card about slavery, but often this slavery is metaphorical and internal. It is possible that right now you will have to get rid of your own limitations to further develop and achieve more.

This card invites you to look more closely at the situations in your life and see a deeper meaning in matters that are disregarded or shallow.

devil finance tarot

The devil recommends modesty and moderation. You can’t be too wasteful, even if you can afford it, don’t be selfish, share it with others and use your own wealth to do something good and thus enrich the interior as well.

The financial situation will be difficult. You can only deal with the crisis if you remain calm, do not let yourself be carried away and make rational decisions.

Take only one step at a time. If you need financial help, don’t be afraid or be too proud to ask for it.

Help is always available. Even if you feel good now, save for the proverbial rainy day.

The devil warns against excessive attachment to material things. You cannot make your luck dependent on your finances, number on your account, or gadgets that you can boast of.

Do not neglect spiritual matters, dealing only with finances. You also cannot be addicted to expensive entertainment, because it will be the first thing you will have to refuse yourself in the event of a financial crisis.

finance tarot
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