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Justice concerns the idea of ​​karma and the law of cause and effect.

The card indicates a sometimes magical connection between all people and events in our lives.

It is important to remember that not everything we are dealing with is a direct result of our own actions or karma.

justice finance tarot

Justice may indicate that you should take matters into your own hands and commit your funds to any venture where you can earn a lot, although the risk exists.

This is a good time for games of chance. Very often, when this card appears in the context of money, it may mean that there is some surprise in your path, usually a small one.

Even if you do not play the lottery, casino or competitions etc. you can count on an unexpected flow of cash. Remember, however, to have extra money wisely.

Good management of your funds will be the key to your success. It is best if you put money in a deposit or fund, for example, to start working.

An eye-catching dream can be spent on a loan you took out some time ago. Don’t worry, however, because the cash flow will help you pay it back before the contractual deadline.

Don’t be afraid to donate money to foundations and charities, the cards don’t show cheaters around you.

finance tarot
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