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Three of Swords

New beginning · Loss · Pain · Separation · Suffering

No matter how the card of the Three of the Swords is presented in most of the tarot decks (heart pierced with swords), know that not everything will be bad.

Although there is an element of sadness that is undeniable when this card appears, on the other side of this sadness there may be better understanding and joy.

Let yourself fully experience all the sorrow or pain that now arises, so that you can move beyond this.

Three of Swords – tarot card meaning

In general, this card may indicate very deep emotional problems that must be resolved before you can go on. Denying the pain does not make it go away. However, attention should also be paid to balance. Let yourself experience the pain that is now appearing, but do not dwell on it. You should not be in sorrow and grief for too long, but only you can decide how much time you need. Others cannot decide.


In the context of love, this card does not have to be a harbinger of a relationship, but it almost always indicates difficulties in a relationship and pain. For the relationship to survive, both parties must be willing to work and talk about the relationship. It may turn out that someone you think about is not as loving as you thought. Do not take it too personally or be too long in pain if it is. You have a chance for a relationship that is right for you. You cannot force someone to be right. The right person will take care of you – of your own will.


Unfortunately, when it comes to money, this card can mean disappointing news. You cannot let yourself be mad. Tirelessly look at your situation, then think about what you are going to do, step by step. If the situation is overwhelming, do not try to have too wide a perspective. Start with small steps, even if it has to be such a detail like what you eat for the next meal. Do not let your pride stop you from asking for financial help if you need it. By letting others give it to you, you also give them a blessing.

Three of Swords

Three of Swords


Soon you will experience a strong emotional shock, but this period of suffering will lead to a better future.


Your path may hold something new. It’s your decision how you will use these opportunities.

YES or NO Tarot Reading – Three of Swords

The Three of Swords show the presence of pain and suffering through emotional loss, the end of an important relationship or heart-rending breakup.

Emotional disorders and mental torments that accompany this card show the answer to your question: NO.

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