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Ten of Cups

Abundance · Achievement · Relationship · Family · Happiness

The Ten of Cups is another one of the most positive cards.

It points to general happiness, perhaps in a more mature, global way, in contrast to the more personal, less global fulfillment of the wishes promised by the Nine of Cups.

Either way, it’s a good card.

Ten of Cups – tarot card meaning

The Ten of Cups is generally about a happy family life (even if you are lonely) and generally a well-being that goes beyond yourself, including those in whom you are most invested – parents, siblings, children, etc. Part of this image is also spiritual fulfillment. This is a good card, regardless of the question.


If you are worried about a romantic relationship and this card appears, it is a clear indicator that you really do not have to worry. You and your beloved person are close. If you are in a relationship, but you have not made a formal commitment and you hope it will happen, have courage, because it is coming. Do not sabotage things, causing problems where they do not exist.


It seems unlikely that money would be a problem now, or at least it will not be for long. This card indicates a successful period for you. Just make sure your money works as hard for you as you work. Share the wealth that you have accumulated to the extent that you feel comfortable with, or in any way that will make you feel good.


In a moment, a new venture will begin. This task, event or journey will bring about the beginning of long-lasting friendship. Do not miss this opportunity.


The potential of your financial success can be manifested through a certain aspect of ownership. Either find domestic happiness or gain prestige in public work. Despite the difficulties, it is also possible to balance both of these areas at once.

YES or NO Tarot Reading – Ten of Cups

The Ten of Cups represent perfect harmony, abundance and happiness.

It suggests that your personal or family dreams are fulfilled and a general sense of satisfaction and safety in life.

Positive achievements and emotional stability are in front of you.

The answer you are looking for is: YES.

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