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Page of Pentacles

Note · Motivation · Support · Skill · Versatility

The Page of Pentacles can be a card that speaks in some ways about boredom.

You can be tempted to do or do things that will shake people.

Think about this impulse and find a better use of your energy.

Emotions can be generated.

Page of Pentacles – tarot card meaning

Generally, the Page of Pentacles is an excellent energy that supports you when you do tedious work to achieve a goal. The Page of Pentacles can give you focus, perseverance and resources to stick to a task that does not necessarily have to be exciting or fun. Do not try to avoid the effort, because you will fail.


If you are in a relationship, this card may mean that it has lost part of its luster. This does not necessarily mean defeat and its end but indicates that action and conversation are necessary. To make changes, you have to be honest about how you feel. If you’re not in a relationship with anyone and you cannot meet anyone new, take a good look at what’s in your heart. You may still be attached to your former partner and you may have to break up with them so that you can move on.


When it comes to finances, the Page of Pentacles indicates rewards for good, hard work. This is not the time to gamble or have your head in the clouds. It is time to honestly assess the value of your skills and efforts. If you do not receive fair compensation, now the time has come for a change. Invest, do not spend. Choose traditional, safe investments for now.



Messages are coming, which announce the coming of change. Although this is not immediate, be prepared to assess the risks and benefits of new ventures.


If you remain attentive and diligent about the signs around you, you will gain insight into your future. Everything you need to know is now available, and if you spend some time, you will understand it for later.

YES or NO Tarot Reading – Page of Pentacles

The Page of Pentacles represents a clever, attentive and hardworking young man who is self-disciplined.

It may indicate a promotion or a new, pleasant hobby in the near future.

The general mood of this card is positive and suggests that the answer is YES.

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