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King of Cups

Compassion · Good advice · Help · Honesty · Mature, authoritative man · Spouse

The King of Cups means balanced male and female energy – it has all positive male and female characteristics.

It often literally points to a specific person in your life.

Usually, when he represents a real person, he refers to a very nice and loving man with light hair.

Know that you are supported by the universe in a visible and invisible way – this is what communicates the appearance of this card.

King of Cups – tarot card meaning

Generally, the King of Cups represents goodness and compassion. There is an element of pure and true love in your life, no matter what your situation is. Develop yourself and let others raise you.


When the King of Cups appears, news for love is very good. There are only a few cards that mean more love than the King of Cups. If you are looking for love, this card can mean that someone who is very balanced and loving will soon be on your way.

The characters in this tarot are not infallible when it comes to the indication of physical characteristics, but in general, the Cups show people with fair hair. The King of Cups in relation to love is definitely a good omen.


The King of Cups may indicate the need to deal with financial matters. Do not avoid the reality of your situation. This card may also indicate the need to be generous, no matter how tense your financial situation is. No matter how modest your budget is, you can no doubt share with others, even if you can only give them your stuff or time.

This can often cause more prosperity in your life. Give with kindness and compassion and know that it is coming back. Do not hesitate to ask for help if you need it.


Someone who can help you will appear in your life. Take advantage of their advice and do not hesitate to seek support.


In order to get to a state of calm, seek advice. You will not find a balance on your own, so look for a powerful ally who will guide you.

YES or NO Tarot Reading – King of Cups

The King of Cups is a merciful, warm and gentle voice of reason.

He is an authoritative man with strong intuition and vast spiritual knowledge.

This card means the ability to make decisions by sharing experiences and the opportunity to provide good, helpful advice.

This is a both positive and negative sign, so the answer is unclear.

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