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Eight of Cups

Abandonment · Avoidance · Changes in lifestyle · Exit · Personal development

The Eight of Cups often means that you decide to leave a situation that is boring to you, whether it is a relationship, a job or a neighborhood.

It may be associated with some sadness, but in general this chapter will be of great benefit to you.

Eight of Cups – tarot card meaning

Know that a long, good streak awaits you. If your instinct tells you that you really need to get out of a relationship, work or lifestyle, trust yourself. You will have a good feeling when you have made this choice, and not just the circumstances had so arranged themselves. Very often, too, one door must close behind you before the next door opens completely before you.


You can decide about the end of a long-term relationship. If you are sure, do not wait for the right moment because there will never be a good time to tell someone that the relationship has to end. Do not jump blindly into a new relationship. Give yourself some time and space to be alone.


If you are completely miserable in your current job, do not let the safety of your regular wages entrap you forever in this job, but still look before you jump forward. Health insurance is a huge problem, but thanks to planning and attention to details, if you want to work on your own, you can do it. Just make sure your plans are well prepared and comprehensive. Money is not everything.


You will experience something completely new thanks to long-distance journeys, both in terms of thoughts and location. Big changes are coming.


Keep an open mind and every journey you take will bring results that change your life. Personal success and achieving goals will lead you to the greatest joy.

YES or NO Tarot Reading – Eight of Cups

The Eight of Cups shows a certain degree of change in your lifestyle.

It brings a feeling of depression, indifference and avoidance.

It may mean the need to surrender, abandon or reverse something in your present life.

The feeling of melancholy associated with this card suggests: NO.

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