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Ability · Control · Harmony and balance · Overcoming addictions · Confidence

Moderation is a card that talks about the balance of many ways and relationships of all kinds.

Friendships, family, romantic partnership and trade unions evidently require your attention.

It is also a card for alchemy and mixing and matching.

You may have to try several approaches to something before you find what is really good for you.

Temperance – tarot card meaning

Although, in general, all your relationships may look very good, you may have to look at your deeper personal problems and see if they are in your way. If they are, you must analyze them and level things out. Think now also of doing something that you need to find a balance in yourself, in your relationships, and in your goals and aspirations.


Before you really find peace and wisdom in your relationships, you must find peace within yourself. Look at what you feel about the faults and mistakes you think you have done in the past. Then forgive yourself and let them go. It’s the only way you can really make progress.


There is probably a good balance between what is happening and what is coming. However, if you want to increase your earnings, you will have to ask for what you deserve. Have courage and pride, and you will not be disappointed.



Something you have long desired will come to fruition. Expect that a rich partnership or marriage will develop in your immediate social environment.


Take control of your life and practice moderation. Staying in balance, you will solve all current conflicts and start a new chapter in your life.

YES or NO Tarot Reading – Temperance

The Temperance card means divine intervention, balance and harmony.

The positive overall presence of this card within your reach reveals a high level of confidence and control in your efforts.

The answer given by this card is probably yes.

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