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Energy · Attitude in the face of problems · Strength · Vitality · Willpower

Strength indicates the dominion of mind over matter and reminds you to focus on what you want, not what you do not want in your life.

Its main point is that you can use your thoughts for your – and for all others’ – good.

You do not just have the responsibility to bear responsibility.

Defeat your fears, control your impulses and never lose patience with yourself or what you do.

Strength – tarot card meaning

It is important that you take the time to meditate, contemplate and spend time alone, even if you are in a relationship and have nineteen children! Do not let yourself waste your time with worries and fear. External things will be going well, but the most important thing is that you control yourself.


You should also be good in love – if you are in a relationship, it will most likely be a strong bond within which you will support each other and have many benefits. If you are looking for someone, it is a very good time to meet people. You should be confident now, so enjoy the delights of your company. You can be pleasantly surprised by the effect you have on others.


Money should not be a problem for you right now. Remember to save a bit, even if it is not a big sum, because you may need it for yourself or for someone you want to help. Perhaps you are preparing to buy a home or other major expense, but do not take more credit than you can pay back.




Do not reject offers that can change your future. Have faith in your own beliefs and be strong enough to trust in a positive result.


In the future you will be strong and energetic, which will lead to serious changes in your life. Understanding your true value, you will take full advantage of a great opportunity to improve your life.

YES or NO Tarot Reading – Strength

The strength card shows your current self-confidence and means that you are probably facing problems in your life.

It also means you are a person who enjoys power but has the ability to exercise effective self-control in all matters.

You may need patience and strength in your search.

The answer you are looking for is most likely YES.

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