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The court may be a card that talks about drawing conclusions, decisions and, of course, judgments that are too hasty.

If you are prone to such things, it is a clear signal that you would slow down and give yourself more thought, and people – more chances.

It can also be a time of basic spiritual awakening.

Judgment – tarot card meaning

If you have a tendency to draw conclusions, you can put an end to it. If others make such decisions about you or someone you care about, you cannot do much but realize that this is their problem, not yours.


If you are in a relationship now, it may be a break period. It is time for you to clearly understand what you expect from life and this relationship, and then take steps to achieve it. If you are looking for love, maybe a new relationship will appear in the near future, but you may also have to take steps to make sure that you do not make hasty (positive or negative) conclusions about your new love or vice versa. Slowly and surely you will win every race.


You will find money and contracts on your path now. Important matters should now be positive. Do not hasten now or violate the law, otherwise you can pay dearly for it. You’ll pay good attention.


The time has come to deal with the present, and the past renounces its fate. This is the best time to change an element of your lifestyle.


The fruits of your decisions are coming, and you will receive what you deserve. The path at your feet and the direction in which it leads you are clear. You will see your final desire until the end.

YES or NO Tarot Reading – Judgment

The Judgment card means a change or transformation, probably one that has already happened.

This can mean the presence of a spiritual or vocational calling and making decisions that will lead to your success.

The answer to your question is yes.

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