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Scorpio incompatible zodiac signs

A successful relationship with the Scorpio? These signs don’t have the slightest chance.

Scorpio is quite difficult.


Scorpio Sign Compatibility: Worst Matches

It is not easy to entrap him or even interest him. Scorpio attracts secrets and secrets. They are persistent and patient.

He is a professional, a specialist in his field, who has extensive knowledge in one specific area that interests him. General knowledge is weaker; information flies into their heads with one ear and then flies out with the other.

Scorpio’s biggest drawback is his memory. For years he can remember injuries he suffers from. He rarely gives people a second chance. Living with him requires a lot of sacrifices.

Not everyone will be able to build a strong relationship with Scorpio. First of all, they should not pair up with changeable people because they will not be able to keep up with them, and fluency of views punishes them for behaving in such behavior of falsehood or manipulation. Relationships with susceptible people will also prove average in their case.

Such people can be offended by their biting and sharp sense of humor.

scorpio Incompatible Zodiac Signs

Incompatible zodiac signs for Scorpio

Scorpio + Gemini

Gemini is not very considerate. They are talkative. First, they speak, and then they wonder what overtone their words can have. It is a significant disadvantage because they don’t change their terms for a quarrel.

Thoughtful and calm signs look through their fingers at their outbursts, for which they quickly apologize and try to compensate with all their strength. Temperamental and energetic as they love it to kill, literally and figuratively.

Petty and fierce Scorpions cannot afford it. They assume that they cannot let the partner go too far because they want to get on their heads.

So they will remember past injuries, and when they find the right moment, they will not fail to point them out to the Gemini.

Such behavior is unacceptable for twins. For them, it matters here and now. If they feel inadequate, they talk about it openly. They apologize, forgive and forget. They do not carry resentment. They cannot understand how forgiven people can still remember past anger. It is a calculation for them.

The secret of Scorpio is the fact that he likes to feel needed. Therefore, their partner should ask for advice or help from time to time, even for peace of mind. Independent and honest Gemini is unlikely to play such games. Therefore, Scorpio is unlikely to feel appreciated.

Incompatible Zodiac Signs

Scorpio + Leo

Both Scorpio and Leo are proud and confident. Both of these signs love to be adored and worshiped. They need not only respect but also praise and compliments.

They feel great in the flash of flashes and want all the splendor in the relationship to belonging to them. They don’t like to share this remark. So they will constantly fight with each other for leadership and domination. All this is based on the assumption that Scorpio will be interested in Lion because it is unsure.

The effusive lion likes to talk about himself. He reveals too much of his life to his surroundings that he would still be interesting for those seeking riddles, secrets, and everything uncommon and original. Leo doesn’t try to be actual. At first, he would have caught the attention of a few, and he wanted to draw crowds with him. This relationship is unlikely to exist.

Incompatible Zodiac Signs

Scorpio + Aquarius

Aquarius is complicated for Scorpio to figure out. For this reason, the curious Scorpio may be interested in him. Soon, however, Scorpio would bore Aquarius’s prosaic nature and emotional chill. Scorpio will find that his mystery is missing in this mystery.

Aquarius is simply not very effusive. Aquarius is geeky. They love new products, technical and scientific innovations. Their interests are not related to what is attractive to Scorpions. Aquarius worship science and machines.

Scorpions play psychologists. They are interested in people, social phenomena, stereotypes, etc. Aquarius is a declared liberal. Scorpio has a less radical approach to the world. He does not like to be labeled or defined. These two are more divided than shared. There is no chemistry between them.

Incompatible Zodiac Signs
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