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Scorpio : character

characterScorpio’s character features

Scorpio is a sign of the zodiac connected with Pluto, which gives such features as aggression, energy, strong personality, and, what’s most important – prowess. Thanks to such a lively character, people of Scorpio consistently and bravely strive for goals, deal with all obstacles easily and can succeed in every field of life.

Other important features of Scorpio’s character are the tendency be ironic, a cutting retort and martial character. Although they are sometimes inappropriate, they are good friends , but – because of being unforgiving and vindictive – are terrible enemies, sometimes even cruel and ruthless. It’s not worth deceiving them, as they are very suspicious in nature and will soon realize about being betrayed.

It is believed that Scorpios are lucky with money and know how to gain it. They aren’t good diplomats, as, because of their sensitiveness and emotionalism, they express opinions directly and emotionally, which often results in having said too much.

Scorpios long for knowledge and are predisposed to learn new things easily, but, unfortunately, diligence is not their strong side. It’s connected with their hastiness and emotionalism, as well as with energetic temper. Scorpios are also attractive to the opposite gender, unfolding a charm which nobody can resist.


Scorpios as partners

scorpio relationshipShe-Scorpio is a very changeable woman. She happens to be ruthless, vindictive, short-tempered and harsh, but also sometimes seems to be shy and cold. When she feels confident in a relationship, she shows her real, passionate nature. She loves truly, but happens to be very jealous. She may fall in love so much, that she loses contact with real world. She likes to have many admirers – brave, intelligent, temperamental, but also…rich men. She knows her value, is an attractive person and expresses her feelings and emotions easily.

He-Scorpio is a bit self-important and conceited, jealous but passionate at the same time. He likes attractive, intelligent and temperamental women, but such who can be easily dominated in every aspect. He is capable of deep love, but he often hides his real feelings under apparent anger or conceit. As a result, it’s not easy to live with him in relationships, but in everyday contacts he seems to be a very helpful, kind and polite person, who can be always relied on.

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