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7 sins and faults of the zodiacal Scorpio

The scorpion is the most malicious sign of the Zodiac, but are you sure? Check what defects are the most popular among scorpions

Scorpion people usually have a pretty complicated character.

Scorpio is a sign of Mars and Pluto as its patrons. The mix of the impact of these two planets makes the scorpions both likely to demonstrate their strength or bravery. Still, also, they are not afraid to externalize their sensitivity, looking for unique and mysterious things.

Scorpio is a hopeful sign of the Zodiac, and the people born under it are not afraid to act and pursue their dreams. They are highly resistant to stress in their success, so they aren’t concerned with many things.

Stereotypically, it is believed that Scorpio people have weighty characters, are insensitive and mean. We checked this stereotype and got 7 defects, which often appear among people born between October 23 and November 22.

Vindictiveness and vindication

Scorpios rarely forgive and never forget their wrongs. When someone offends them, they quickly plan revenge, which they like to do in the cold when the enemy hurts them the most. In their vindictiveness, they are devious and sophisticated, often injured others in the so-called “White gloves,” and they dislike to show pity.

For another 6 Scorpio defects, you will find the following pages.


Scorpios are people of action who usually act first and then think. The emotions that thrill them are those taking root in many vital situations and cause exaggerated reactions that only offend the surroundings Scorpios. This lack of self-control is often the cause of their broken family life and loneliness.

Jealousy and suspicion

Scorpio people are susceptible to treason. They think that such disloyalty is the worst meanness, which is why they are very jealous. This jealousy often results in brawls and a desire to control a partner, depriving a Scorpio of a chance for a happy relationship.


Scorpio is highly concerned about their comfort, so they are pretty interesting. They constantly analyze whether they should pay off what they will pay for themselves and are most willing to surround themselves with rich people. Because of their interest and greed, they regularly reject exciting offers.


Comfortable, selfish, and interested Scorpios never avoid lying. They willingly and often use false or manipulated information to provide everything they think is best. They lie in both professional and private lives, caught in hypocrisy. They say that the end justifies the means.


Scorpio and his comfort are the most important, so you cannot count on his compassion. Additionally, because of their selfishness, zodiacal Scorpios are unwilling to help and are reluctant to share anything. They have high opinions about themselves and want others to see them as role models.


It can be considered both an advantage and a disadvantage, and in the case of Scorpios, it appears to be a drawback of character. Well, a directness in Scorpios means lack of tact and empathy because they express their thoughts inexpressibly, often forgetting what good education is.

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