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Sagittarius : quotes and aphorisms

sagittarius quotesQuotes by famous Sagittariuses

Restless souls, which Sagittariuses usually are, belong to intelligent, smart and observant people. No wonder that many of them succeeded as politics, writers, or poets, and wrote down their thoughts. Below we present some of the famous quotes by Sagittariuses.

Baruch Spinoza

  • “Everybody’s tree reaches as far as his strength does.”

Friedrich Engels

  • “Your favorite virtue:  in man quality – jollity,  in man-  to mind his own business,  in woman –  not to mislay things,
  • Chief characteristic – knowing everything by halves
  • Idea of happiness – Château Margaux 1848
  • Idea of misery – to go to a dentist
  • The vice you excuse – excess of any sort
  • The vice you detest – Cant
  • Your aversion – affected stuck up woman
  • The characters you most dislike – Spurgeon
  • Favorite occupation – chaffing and being chaffed
  • Hero – none
  • Heroine – too many to name one
  • Poet – Reineke de Vos, Shakespeare, Ariosto, etc.
  • Prose writer – Goethe, Lessing, Dr Samelson
  • Maxim – not to have any
  • Motto – take it easy”

Alfred de Musset

“As all the perfumes of the vanished day
Rise from the earth still moistened with the dew
So from my chastened soul beneath thy ray
Old love is born anew.”

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