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Sagittarius : health and diet


sagittarius heatlh dietSagittarius’ health

People of Sagittarius are rather immune to negative influence of surrounding, however, they should remember not to get tired too much. They need some rest from time to time, and some of them, because of their natural activity, should be reminded about it. They usually live long and in good health.
They are prone to sciatica, rheumatism, hips ailments, leg injuries, lungs and eyes diseases, and they should take a special care of these organs. They also have to be cautious in contacts with animals.

Sagittarius’ diet

Sagittariuses are advised to eat every fruit, but also omelets, fish and mushrooms. They should also include in their diet asparagus, fig, sage, raspberries and parsley, which stimulate their vital strength and enhance mood. They don’t have to be on a specific diet, however, the amount of consumed food matters – they shouldn’t eat too much of it. As for alcohols, they can drink dry wine, whiskey and other.

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