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7 sins and faults of the zodiacal Sagittarius

Sagittarius is ruled by Fire, which ignites them for action. The list of defects of people under this sign is long. We exchange the most important ones

Sagittarius (November 23 – December 21) are real energy volcanoes.

The element of Fire gives them strength, which lights them to action. Thanks to this flame, Sagittarius have many advantages, lacking summer signs of the Zodiac. Their certain advantages are brilliance, honesty, a warm heart, and hunger for action. They have a lot of passion and life enthusiasm, which they willingly share with others.

These stellar Sagittarius, when making efforts, reach the highest peaks and win the most valuable rewards. Through life, they go boldly, with their heads raised. They are not afraid of challenges. On the contrary, they are the driving force behind the people under this sign. To perform miracles, however, they need space. They hate it when someone tries to limit them or bring them to the ground. Then they go out, stifled like Fire, which is dormant in them.

What are the drawbacks? Fire rules the Sagittarius, fuels good, and strengthens the disadvantages. The elemental temperament very often causes trouble. With him, Sagittarius is explosive and unpredictable. You can find this list on the following pages.


It is easy for the archer to drift away and lose contact with reality. By recklessness and swinging in the clouds, he finds it difficult to get along with his surroundings, especially rational people who are hard on the ground. He often cannot correctly arrange his hierarchy of values, and in life, he puts only on pleasure and play.

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Zodiacal Sagittarius loves the risk. They like to boast about their achievements; they look for applause among friends and close relatives. They feel a strong need to be on the wave constantly. They feel great in the spotlight. Sometimes, however, they exaggerate with risk. They need someone to restrain their ideas and bring them back to the ground.

No Sense

Sagittarius does not cope very well with delicate situations. They cannot show sensitivity and often behave like elephants in a porcelain store. The people under this sign have a warm heart and good intentions, but in their case, the proverb miraculously works out: “The good intentions are well paved.”


Another disadvantage of this sign is instability, both in feelings and so-called straw enthusiasm. Similarly, they ignite an idea or notion that they quickly get bored and accused of.

Willingness to addictions

The subsequent weakness of this sign is related to the proverb: “do not play with fire.” The element that rules the archer means that they are not afraid of Fire at all. They are eager to listen to evil promptings because they think they are “beyond.” That’s why they easily fall into addictions such as alcoholism or gambling.


The Sagittarius is explosive. Problems often overwhelm them. They find it challenging to find a life balance. Knocking them unbalanced is easy. Their surroundings often do not understand the motivation of these zodiacal snipers because important decisions mean a moment, impulse, and lack of more profound thought.


You cannot rely on Sagittarius. You never know what will happen to them. They have spontaneous ideas, eternally pulling them somewhere in the world because they believe their place is under a different sky. That is why, although they are with us today, tomorrow may not be there anymore. We cannot count on them.

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