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Pisces incompatible zodiac signs

Do you want a happy relationship? If you are under the sign of Pisces, avoid these zodiac signs in a wide arc.

People under the sign of Pisces are ethereal and delicate.


Pisces Sign Compatibility: Worst Matches

Representatives of this sign have a rich internal life. They are happy to reflect and make plans for their future. They set challenging goals and realize them step by step.

They are brave. Gifted with extraordinary intuition, they easily guess the moods of the environment and adapt to them. They are sensitive, and true love is the relationship of souls for them.

Material matters are of little importance to Pisces. People under this sign usually believe that honest feeling will defend itself, and above all, it is worth taking care of and fueling it.

Above all, they value the closeness of a partner. They don’t have to know what conditions they will live in, as long as they can be together and share everything they feel and think. Unfortunately, not with each of the characters can Pisces create a successful relationship.

More dynamic signs will get irritated by their dreams and lack of determination. Pisces should seek partners among the exact water trine. Whom, however, how should fire be avoided?

pisces Incompatible Zodiac Signs

Incompatible zodiac signs for Pisces

Pisces + Gemini

Gemini is very straightforward and honest. If they think or think something themselves, don’t hesitate to say it and share it with your partner. They don’t recognize secrets in relationships.

They will probably not be pleased by constantly guessing what their other half means and what they want. The Gemini are particular. They do not have such intuition as Pisces, which can irritate them.

Pisces and Gemini have different expectations of their partner. Sensitive Pisces may suffer in such a relationship. This will lead to the sincerity of Gemini, who do not recognize half measures, and if something does not suit them, they clearly and speak about it.

The Gemini want to surprise and be surprised. They want to have fun, lead an easy and carefree life. There is no risk to them. They adhere to the principle that “those who don’t take risks don’t drink champagne.”

Pisces don’t like surprises. They don’t pick a fast pace. They want time to think and analyze everything. They will not find themselves in the chaotic world of Gemini.

Even if the Gemini tried to settle down for them, control their hunger for learning about the world and the momentum of life, it turns out that these two signs make each other miserable.

Stagnation will kill what is most beautiful in Gemini. They will become tired of life and indifferent. Their mean mood will be sensed by Pisces, who will blame themselves for their partner’s suffering.

This arrangement will probably end in separation, so it’s better not to go into it at all.

Incompatible Zodiac Signs

Pisces + Virgo

Virgo and Pisces are two significantly different zodiac signs. The only thing that unites them is their calmness and self-control. However, in the Virgin, it is dictated by reason, in Pisces, by heart.

Virgo is calm by nature. He can be very critical. He loves to analyze his relationships, approaches them as to subsequent projects, like an artisan, build them, and leads to perfection.

Pisces get carried away. They can devote themselves wholly and entirely devote themselves.

It is not possible to look for such an attitude in conservative Virgo. No matter how well they are arranged, these “ladies of the zodiac” will always have the back of their heads thinking about what in the event of a possible breakup.

They will not allow themselves to lose themself. They will not give up their ambitions, plans, or classes for a partner. Lack of rationalism and constant rocking in the clouds of Pisces can lead a practical maiden to shoemaker’s passion. In turn, Pisces lacks in this relationship of romance and tenderness. This arrangement is written off in advance.

Incompatible Zodiac Signs

Pisces + Sagittarius

Sagittarius and Pisces come from different planets. They differ not only in temperament but also in views and priorities. Pisces have a romantic nature.

They want harmony and kinship of souls. For Sagittarius, the experiences lived together are more important than unity in thinking and feeling together.

What counts for him is what the couple went through together, what they experienced, and what obstacles they overcame. Believers in love at first sight in Pisces will be foreign to this approach.

Pisces will prefer to hide in a shared world only for two with a partner in their nest. Friendly shooters in such a relationship may lack people.

The exchange of ideas with others, new sensations that drive and stimulate him to action. Sagittarius may have no place to take his inspiration and slowly fade away in connection with Pisces.

Pisces, in turn, certainly will not be content with a partner who is only with her body and spirit somewhere else. The chances of luck in this arrangement are minimal.

Incompatible Zodiac Signs
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