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Sagittarius and Capricorn love horoscope

Sagittarius and Capricorn. Starting a relationship, you’ve been undoubtedly wondering if you made the right decision. Questions about your future, if it’s just a temporary love affair or a relationship which may become a true, beautiful love, always appear. If you want to clear at least some of your doubts, read the horoscope for Sagittarius & Capricorn, and comparing it, you will find out what the stars say about our relationship.

Sagittarius and Capricorn compatibility

Sagittarius Woman and Capricorn Man

Capricorn Sagittarius horoscopeIt’s rather not the best combination, even though usually they and their friends believe it to be a good idea. Although sedate and responsible He-Capricorn can handle careless She-Sagittarius, or saves her from troubles, it eventually proves to be a bad solution for a long-lasting relationship, as both of them will soon get tired with such a scheme. In addition, they have totally different view of their life, as He-Capricorn responsibly fulfills his everyday duties, and even believes it to be his most important aim – he can’t imagine failing at it, which causes that he takes too little care for his partner, while She-Sagittarius is too self-important to accept such a situation. She wants to be constantly admired, seduced, and the most important thing in the world for him – more important than his duties or ambitions.

Sagittarius Man and Capricorn Woman

Usually the beginning of such a relationship is very promising, and it seems like nothing could get in their way to happiness. However, they soon begin to disagree and realize how different they are. Most of all, they can’t find agreement in satisfying each other’s needs, as She-Capricorn is not particularly emotional, and even likes to be reserved, despite her true love to her partner. She likes to control everything and everyone in her surrounding, also her partner, but free and independent He-Sagittarius doesn’t want and will not accept that. What’s more, he’s very effusive, and not only does he feel awkward being kept at arm’s length, but he also seems pushy to her. It won’t be easy to find a compromise for so many differences, especially because She-Capricorn is not willing to, as she is used to and wants to have everybody submitted to her will, not the other way round.

Detailed description : Sagittarius Capricorn.

compatibility Sagittarius CapricornSagittarius with Capricorn compatibility: are you in such a relationship? Share your own experiences! Do you know any stories about Sagittarius and Capricorn relationships? Tell us about them! The formular is on the bottom of the pagelove compatibility capricorn and sagittarius

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