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Aquarius and Sagittarius love horoscope

Aquarius and Sagittarius. Starting a relationship, you’ve been undoubtedly wondering if you made the right decision. Questions about your future, if it’s just a temporary love affair or a relationship which may become a true, beautiful love, always appear. If you want to clear at least some of your doubts, read the horoscope for Aquarius & Sagittarius, and comparing it, you will find out what the stars say about our relationship.

Aquarius and Sagittarius compatibility

Aquarius Woman and Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius Aquarius horoscopeAlthough they try hard to make it work, probably neither He-Sagittarius nor She-Aquarius will benefit of this relationship, which they will both realize deciding to split after a lot of sacrifices. The fact of having slim chances to succeed results of significant differences between their characters, which will prove impossible to overcome, although they declare they are ready to work hard on this matter at the beginning. It will soon turn out that He-Sagittarius wants to dominate, but will not be satisfied that She-Aquarius is ready to submit to him in everything, and on the opposite – her lack of ambition and comfort-loving nature irritates him. As a result, none of them will respect each other and begin to feel awkward in own company, so they will spend less and less time together. Obviously, they can spend their whole life avoiding each other, but it surely won’t satisfy any of them and, sooner or later, one of them will decide to end this soap-opera with a firm decision.

Aquarius Man and Sagittarius Woman

They have a lot of differences, which paradoxically is their biggest strength and the reason to spend the whole life together. She-Sagittarius is very lively and independent, and before she meets He-Aquarius, she doesn’t spend much time at home but everywhere else, but it changes when she gets involved in a relationship. Nobody knows what makes her able change so much for him, and not only she promises that, but also does. He can appreciate that, especially when it comes to being submitted in family life matters. She tries hard to fulfill her house duties and to satisfy him, as He-Aquarius is a home bird and values the traditional model of family. He wants his partner to take care of the house and make it a warm and harmonious place, and he’s ready to support and help her do this, to make sure she has everything she needs.

Detailed description : Aquarius Sagittarius.

compatibility Aquarius SagittariusAquarius with Sagittarius compatibility: are you in such a relationship? Share your own experiences! Do you know any stories about Aquarius and Sagittarius relationships? Tell us about them! The formular is on the bottom of the pagelove compatibility sagittarius and aquarius

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