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Aquarius and Cancer love horoscope

Aquarius and Cancer. Starting a relationship, you’ve been undoubtedly wondering if you made the right decision. Questions about your future, if it’s just a temporary love affair or a relationship which may become a true, beautiful love, always appear. If you want to clear at least some of your doubts, read the horoscope for Aquarius & Cancer, and comparing it, you will find out what the stars say about our relationship.

Aquarius and Cancer compatibility

Aquarius Woman and Cancer Man

Cancer Aquarius horoscopeThe life of these two will not be the easiest one, and only a strong will may prevent them from leaving each other. Their significant differences in character may not always be possible to overcome, also because they may not be willing to accept their partner the way he/she is. That causes that they usually aren’t as close as partners in other relationships, and unfortunately, they affect each other negatively. In fact, they are both dreamers, but their point of view is totally different, as well as their aims. Another problem is that He-Cancer can’t forget about the past and still lives it, while She-Aquarius thinks only about the future, and her partner doesn’t follow her, so there’s no common ground to find understanding and agreement.

Aquarius Man and Cancer Woman

You should keep in mind that such a relationship will be full of restless periods and many arguments. It results of their different tempers, as both of them tend to be moody. Their behavior may also differ, as He-Aquarius is very direct and open minded, wile She-Cancer is skeptical about everything unknown and it’s not easy for her to break the ice to get familiar with it. In fact, her partner may have a positive influence on her in this matter, and convince her to leave her protective shell and look at the world enthusiastically. In return, she will create a wonderful atmosphere at home, which he will happily return to. They may feel perfectly in their own company, which portends well for the future.

Detailed description : Aquarius Cancer.

compatibility Aquarius CancerAquarius with Cancer compatibility: are you in such a relationship? Share your own experiences! Do you know any stories about Aquarius and Cancer relationships? Tell us about them! The formular is on the bottom of the pagelove compatibility cancer and aquarius

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