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It has been proven that people born in September are unique! Here are 6 definitive pieces of proof

People born in September are taken care of by Mercury, who passes under the signs of Virgo and Libra.

Births during this month have a number of unique features. Without embarrassment, they can boast in front of family and friends. They are famous for their perfectionism, diligence, motivation and enormous charm that can not be resisted. They are considered calm and balanced, but when someone out of balance they can show their dark side.

All they do is try to do their best. They approach tasks thoroughly and very conscientiously. They place high demands and try to meet them every day. Their perfectionism manifests itself in both their duties and their appearance. They always want to present themselves perfectly and to be seen as models to imitate.

They strive for harmony
They do not like to get mixed up in disputes and quarrels. They stand side by side and look at the two fighters. If the situation is out of control, they can react, but they seldom speak on either side. Their objectivity and reason often prevent bloody conflicts. In life, they value peace and harmony. They think the most important thing is to live in harmony with yourself.

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