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7 advantages of people born in December. If you were born at the end of the year, you are very lucky!

5. They are courageous
Courage in expressing your opinions, following your path or defending others is important to them. They can go into a fire to save another human being. They try to use their courage wisely and help those who do not have it. They defend the views in which they believe and with realism approach what the world offers them.

6. They are independent
December children rarely walk hand in hand with their parents, from the beginning they want to show that they are independent and free. They have always been able to take care of themselves and ensure a good life. Independence often makes them unable to work in a team because they prefer to act on their own terms and at their own pace. They quickly mature mentally and do not get into trouble.

7. They learn quickly
Their brains are absorbent and do not need something repeated many times to be remembered. They like to learn and are diligent students, they do not like to waste time on empty talk. A sharp mind allows them to understand even complicated things. In many cases, they also have the ease and ability to transfer knowledge and are good teachers. They love to read and develop in many fields.

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