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Only those born in April have these exceptional character traits. Check how you stand out from others!

The planets of nurturing people born in April are Mars and Venus. In Greek mythology, Ares is the equivalent of Mars – the god of war who wields fire and has unbridled strength.

This strong planet gives you a series of clear and strong features, including determination, will to fight, energy, boldness or self-confidence. In turn, Venus, known in mythology as the goddess of love and fertility, gives birth to other special features born in April: passion, love of flirts, artistic abilities and personal charm.


1. Leadership skills
They know how to manage people and are great at managerial positions. They have heads full of ideas and are not afraid of new challenges. In crisis situations they mobilize people to act and keep cool. Determination and ambition allow them to go really far.

They are not words without backing. Research conducted in British Columbia showed that among the heads of the 500 largest companies, those born in April constitute as much as 10.76%!

 2. Confidence
They are open and very bold. They break barriers with a warm smile or a perfect joke. Character helps them win over people and win their favor. They have high self-esteem, but they do not behave arrogantly.

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