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Quotes by famous Leos

People of Leo are confident, strong and brave, as well as open-minded, sensitive and wise. No wonder that a lot of them achieved a lot in their life, gained authority, or succeeded in any other field. It’s worth mentioning that among Leos are such personalities as Napoleon Bonaparte, Franz Joseph I, Fidel Castro, Alfred Hitchcock, Simon Bolivar, Alexander Dumas or Benito Mussolini.

Below we present some of the quotes by famous Leos.

leo-hitchcockAlfred Hitchcock

  • “A woman who gets undressed in public reminds me of a criminal movie director, who discloses the ending at the beginning.”
  • “Absurdity may be exposed only by humor.”
  • “I took the audience for a trip to a house in an amusement park – to a haunted house.”
  • “Without lipstick, actors become careless children.”
  • “A happy marriage is when the husband understands every word…unspoken by his wife.”
  • “A bad movie is when anybody of the audience is able to take his eyes off the screen for a moment.”
  • “The way to make a film is to begin with an earthquake and work up to a climax.”
  • “Love is a game of cards where everybody cheats: men to win, women not to lose.”
  • “I’m not against the police; I’m just afraid of them.”

leo-castroFidel Castro

  • “Fatherland or death, we shall overcome!”
  • “I imagine Cuba as a huge moral power. With a great dignity.”
  • “In the future, the example of Che will be common. National flags will disappear, as well as nationalism and egoism, just like they disappeared from his heart.”
  • “I have to admit, that, at some point, I believed we could leave authority to others; we were a bit utopian.”
  • “Not a single drop of blood was spilled in the USA, not a single atom of health was lost during 43 years of the Cuban revolution because of terrorist attacks organized by Cuba.”
  • “Kennedy even now has a chance to become the most famous president of the United States, a leader who should finally understand that there is a possibility of coexistence of capitalists and socialists – even in America.”


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