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Leo incompatible zodiac signs

Are you the zodiacal Leo? Despite your sincere intentions, you can’t get along with these signs.

Zodiacal Leo wants to be loved and admired.


Which signs are the least compatible with Leo?

Leo loses his charm and charm, neglected dies. Leo, who is not complimented, is unhappy. Leo resorts to various tricks to get their attention. They tell silly stories, fool around, show off. They can go far, just to regain their lost position and be in the spotlight again.

In love, Leo is generous and generous. However, you never know if his generosity is dictated by heart or mind. Leo likes to treat their partner in a dumb manner. Usually, they dominate in a relationship, allow themselves to be adored and worshiped, in return offering their loved one their closeness, forbearance, and … passion.

Leo, in love, is capable of great deeds and gestures. He will do everything to show his partner his best side and twist him around his finger.

He is open and friendly, so he will sparkle at parties and take the other half to sumptuous dinners, charming her with his nonchalance and impeccable manners.

However, it turns out that not everyone is equally vulnerable to these tricks. His jokes don’t work at all. There are zodiac signs completely resistant to Leo’s unforced charm.

leo Incompatible Zodiac Signs

Incompatible zodiac signs for Leo

Leo + Capricorn

Capricorn is indifferent to Leo’s tricks. If they bring any effect, it is the opposite of what was expected. Capricorn senses falseness at a distance. It is severe. It is a refuge of peace.

He hates recklessness and fooling around, so he definitely won’t be amused by Leo’s show-off. His hunger for attention is a manifestation of his low self-esteem for Capricorn. People under this sign appreciate honesty.

Endowed with an analytical, brilliant mind, they can assess when someone is trying to manipulate them. Capricorns despise such people, and their behavior is shallow for them.

Capricorn are patient. They assume that you have to earn what is valuable in life and that you have to wait longer. The gusts of passion are not for them. They want love based on partnership, closeness, and joint building of a family ‘nest’.

They don’t jump from flower to flower. They rarely enter into close relationships and enter into marriage relatively late. Leo has nothing to offer them.

Their grand gestures “against the public” do not impress Koziorożce. For them, love is more a kinship of souls than bodies. These two have more connections than they divide, so they should not enter into a closer relationship and maybe do it once in 1000 cases.

Incompatible Zodiac Signs

Leo + Scorpio

Zodiacal Scorpios are characterized by perseverance, patience, and nerves of steel. They are very calm. They don’t succumb to easy temptations or passions.

They easily overcome even tricky obstacles, and when they set a goal for themselves, sooner or later, they achieve it. Scorpions are fascinated by complicated human nature. They can sense falsehood in someone’s behavior. Sometimes they also resort to minor manipulations, explaining this by higher goals.

It would help if you spent a lot of time getting to know Scorpio and truly understand him. Leo can overwhelm it. Leo gets their partners by other methods.

In this case, however, they may prove to be completely ineffective. A brilliant Scorpion can dismiss Leo’s efforts with some cruel joke or a bitter comment. Scorpio’s pity will not appeal to proud Leo. There will undoubtedly be no bread from this flour.

Incompatible Zodiac Signs
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