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Leo : friendly signs

signs friendly to leoSigns of the zodiac friendly to Leo

Leos are know of their king’s pride and curiosity, but also the need of being in the middle of attention. They can’t submit to others and are selfish, which may be irritating. Despite those disadvantages, they are sensitive, good-willed and just, and also honest and truthful – which makes them good partners as in private, as in professional lives.

leos as partnersLeos in relationships

She-Leo is an attractive, shapely and very passionate woman. She doesn’t care much for emotions, and happens to fake them. She happens to be generous, but also sometimes criticize her partner. She  is stubborn and know what she wants best. It’s hard to win her heart, as she is aware of her value and  it takes her long to find a proper partner.

He-Leo is a brave, bold, proud man, a bit haughty. He loves women, likes to be considered as a man of the world, he pays attention to his appearance as he is aware of it’s importance in gaining authority and money, which mean a lot to him. When he eventually falls for somebody, he’s a good partner, but happens to be jealous and hasty.

Leo : The fire trigon

Leo, along with Aries and Sagittarius, belong to the fire trigon, which is connected with such features as universal energy, enthusiasm, joy of life, carelessness, impetuosity, braveness and love of risking. And those are the signs which should stick together, as they will reach understanding easily.

ARIES is a sign of the zodiac with features of character typical for men, giving the people a strong will to rule, fight, no worries of danger or risk, bravery and courage. People of Aries like clear situations, don’t accept half measures. They are great in a fight, but have problems with peaceful negotiations and admitting mistakes. They live the present moment and think about the future, not the past. They are known of quick reactions – first they act, then think. Their actions are often accompanied by hastiness and lack of patience.

She-Aries is a noble, helpful, ward working, sociable and hedonistic woman. She tends to exaggerate- either she moans too much, or grits her teeth and plays the hero. She also tends to being overly enthusiastic or overly despaired. Despite her apparent reserve, she is a powerhouse of passion, which sometimes – in case of a weak men – may end up with disappointment.

He-Aries is a man who loves risk and spicy situations. He loves to fight – striving for aim is more important to him than the aim itself. He values shy women, whom he can help get more opened, and who will be impressed by his personality. Usually kind, polite and sociable, well-liked by surrounding.

SAGITTARIUS is an open and lively person, quick and dynamic in action, constantly heading forward and willing to help others. Such a person happens to be short-tempered and gets mad easily, knows what he/she wants. It’s hard to argue with him/her, as he/she will defend her opinion till the end.

She-Sagittarius is happy, sociable, she loves life, and values in her partner mostly his position, money, appearance and manners. She hates household jobs, she prefers being dedicated to professional life…She always says what she thinks, and values honesty and intelligence. It is a good material for a partner.

He-Sagittarius is a free soul, who values freedom – that’s why he is looking for a partner who understands this need and won’t be trying to limit him in any way. He’s intelligent, doesn’t get involved in relationships easily, but when he eventually does- he stands faithfully by his partner. She, on the other hand, should get used to the fact that He-Sagittarius does many things at once and a lot of things may interrupt him. Unfortunately, nothing much can be done about this, so a bit of tolerance is advised – and everything should be alright.


Other signs of the zodiac friendly to Leo

Other friendly signs of the zodiac, along with Aries and Sagittarius, are: Libra and Gemini.

Signs of the zodiac neutral to Leo

Neutral signs of the zodiac are: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Aquarius and Pisces.

Signs of the zodiac unfriendly to Leo

Signs of the zodiac, which Leo shouldn’t get in relationships with are Capricorn and Scorpio.

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