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7 sins and faults of the zodiacal Leo

Nobody is perfect; also, people are born under the sign of the king of animals. Have a look at the main drawbacks of the zodiacal Leos.

The Lion is commonly considered the happiest sign of the Zodiac.


The Lion is a sign of the Zodiac connected with the element of Fire, which the Sun patronizes. People who wear it have a very energetic temperament and are incredibly proud because they firmly believe in their uniqueness. They always walk with their heads raised, convinced that others admire and imitate them.

Zodiacal lions have a dominant personality and are very honorable. They are characterized by a spontaneous approach to the world and an irresistible willingness to act. They hate boredom and have big ambitions. They often impose their will on the environment, which results from their imperious nature.

The unbridled temperament of lions can be troublesome, which, combined with other defects, makes them not a conciliatory sign. If you have zodiacal lions around you, check what disadvantages you face.


1. Vanity

Lions love to be admired and praised. They crave compliments and do not even wonder if the kind words spoken to them are honest.

They have a very high opinion of themselves and think they should be admired. Because of excessive vanity, many people believe that the Lion is primarily shallow.

Another 6 flaws of the zodiacal lions can be found on the following pages.


2. Willingness to betray

Flirting is one of the favorite pastimes of lions because it satisfies their vanity and raises their self-esteem. Unfortunately, the conversation does not end there often, and the Lions go all the way.

Leo’s lack of faith in a relationship is a problem, but he is indulgent and reluctant to change it.

Willingness to betray

3. Credulity

The Lions are convinced that the world considers them unique, become very gullible. All you need to do is show them some admiration, and they will be able to believe everything they hear.

This credulity and naivety often place them in trouble, but they never learn from their mistakes.


4. Profligacy

Expense control is certainly not a strong point of the lions. People under this sign dislike to limit themselves in spending and regularly very unreasonably place their money and fall into debt.

It comes from the conviction that they have everything they need.


5. Domesticity and authority

Lions love to impose their opinions on others and are always convinced that they are right. They often admit the role of a decision-maker and want to manage others, even if the environment is against it.

When lions have power over someone, they are unyielding in their decisions and do not tolerate opposition.

Domesticity and authority

6. Inclination

People born under the sign of a lion have a natural tendency to exaggerate everything, both positive and negative things.

This problem stems from their innate desire to experience intense emotions, resulting from which the phenomena that affect them like to give more meaning and role than they have.


7. Falsity

Lions have trouble with honesty because they often consciously manipulate their behavior and pretend to be someone they are not, just to favor their surroundings.

Their vanity makes them repeatedly reach for a lie to impress someone, which is why their words usually have to be taken lightly.

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