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Gemini incompatible zodiac signs

Your zodiac sign is Gemini? Take a look at the article and see who will not be your soul mate

Gemini is a very brilliant zodiac sign.


Gemini Sign Compatibility: Worst Matches

They are endowed with vivid intelligence and a specific, sarcastic sense of humor. From this sign come true masters of cut riposte, beautiful speakers, versatile and curious people.

The Gemini have many interests and extensive general knowledge. Usually, however, they do not become experts in any field because they quickly become discouraged, and their enthusiasm is usually straw.

As long as something is mysterious, it will be exciting to the Gemini, but their interest bursts like a soap bubble when they have figured out what it is all about.

Unfortunately, equally unstable Gemini are in love. They quickly lose patience with their partner, whose presence after some time can bore them and even weigh them down, especially when he is a homeowner, and the only thing he has to offer them is sweet blissful everyday life.

Gemini craves engaging, sometimes extreme experiences, but not all zodiac signs can offer them surprises full of surprises. Gemini should not connect with some zodiac representatives because they can only hurt them. Who are we talking about?

Incompatible Zodiac Signs gemini


Incompatible zodiac signs for Gemini

Gemini + Sagittarius

Sagittarius and Gemini may love each other, but not enough to give up their freedom, which is their supreme value. In a relationship, they will compete for dominance and leadership. They can be a great pair of friends, they both love traveling, they are energetic, open to the world and people, brave and very active.

However, this is not enough for them to form a harmonious relationship. None of them will want to compromise and bend to the other person’s attitudes and views. These two characters are too independent to give in to your partner.

They can share the joy of life, but when the fun, social gatherings, trips, and the prose of life begins, they can do nothing but admit that nothing else connects them. The fact that they can feel good together for a moment makes them good friends, but not partners.

They don’t get along either on financial or ideological issues in the long run. It is better if people under these two signs do not try to pair.

Incompatible Zodiac Signs

Gemini + Pisces

Spiritual Fish need a partner who can break through their thick wall and discover what is most beautiful in them. They are looking for a similar dreamer with whom they will share their passions and interests, with whom they will immediately feel an unusual emotional bond and closeness.

Gemini cannot meet their requirements. They are too simple, devoid of mystery, too literal and straightforward. Impatient, they will not have the time, inclination, or motivation to break through the shell of Pisces. The game will not seem worth the candle to them, the more that Pisces can make Gemini laugh in the long run.

Their approach to life is unreal. The story is not very interesting. They will not share the mass of their stories and experiences with the Gemini because they prefer a peaceful, orderly life and do not often allow themselves risky jumps.

They won’t tell much to the Gemini about the lives of others because they prefer to focus on themselves, not to make the same mistakes repeatedly. For Gemini, they can be simply dull, pretentious, detached from reality, or self-righteous.

In the opinion of Pisces, on the other hand, Gemini is not imaginative or sophisticated. These two are not on the same waves.

Incompatible Zodiac Signs


Gemini + Virgo

Virgo is intelligent and articulate. Virgo has an analytical mind. It is practical and factual. He doesn’t beat around the bush and simply expresses his opinion.

Virgo value simple solutions. They can be cunning when they need to. They are capable of manipulation, thanks to which they achieve their goals. They are great observers, and if required, they can use the mistakes and disadvantages of others to oppress them and pave the way for success. They also have many good features. They are helpful and obligatory, and very orderly.

Maids hate the chaos embodied in the zodiacal Gemini. Representatives of this sign are, in their opinion, large children who need to be mothered. Virgo are also convinced of their infallibility, which can be an insurmountable problem for independent Gemini.

Unfortunately, their love of order is often morbid. Meticulous and very critical Maids are too rough and simply dull for Gemini. Their tart remarks can hurt the Gemini, who, still brought to the ground floor, lose their motivation to act and become a shadow of themselves. None of them will be happy in this relationship.

Incompatible Zodiac Signs
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