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Gemini : health & diet


Health and Diet Gemini

Gemini’s health

People of Gemini are prone to nervous and respiratory systems related diseases. Also, they are prone to arms, hands and – less likely – tights ailments. So they should pay attention to these organs and, in case of any symptoms, go to the doctor. It’s worth limiting addictions- especially smoking- and playing arm-strengthening and lungs-ventilating sports, which will strengthen the whole immune system and give more life energy.


Gemini’s diet

People of Gemini usually pay attention to what they eat. They like sophisticated, creative cuisine, are not afraid to improvise and make up new dishes. Especially they enjoy fruits of the south. Although they like heavy meals, they should resign of them and eat more light salads and starters instead. Plants connected with the planet Mercury affect their organism well. These are, for example, parsley, fennel, walnuts, valerian, linseed and liquorice. Juices are also advised, as well as beer – but in sensible amounts, and medicinal herbs.

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