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Gemini : character

Gemini – character features

Gemini – character features

In modern astrology, Gemini is believed to be the sign typical for artists and inventors. Among features of character characteristic for people of Gemini are creativity, sensitivity, variety of interests, sociability, eloquence, sense of humor and a cutting retort. They care a lot for admiration, that’s why they gladly present their abilities in front of others.

People of Gemini rarely have constant opinions on matters, their interests are rather superficial, which results of getting bored easily and being interested in many things at once. Not only it concerns their professional or artistic life, but also they tend to be changeable in relationships – they get tired with the monotony, even if the relationship is agreeable.

They happen to think carelessly, which results in many mistakes and incorrect conclusions. However, they shouldn’t be worried about it, as they are able to change their opinion about everything easily, depending on circumstances. Fortunately, they are aware of their tendency to commit mistakes, that is why they usually decide to star a humanistic career which requires much less responsibility than, for example, being a doctor or a miner.

People of Gemini are not the best workers, they get bored easily and can’t concentrate on their tasks properly. However, they may prove useful as interpretors of other people’s conceptions and ideas, so they will be great brokers or diplomats. Everybody will fall for the charm of an outgoing, energetic and witty Gemini. No wonder – the patron of this sign is Mercury, who was the god’s messenger in Roman mythology. What’s more, such a profession is connected with constant change of places, which is important for people of Gemini, who get bored with the monotony of the same situations, people, events, places, etc…It’s constant changes and variety what keeps them in a good mental and physical condition for years.

It is hard to find political or religious fanatics among people of Gemini, as they are able and like to look at the world from distance. They tend to generalize things, can think abstractly and gets rarely interested in details of some matter. They seldom get angry, aren’t aggressive, doesn’t like gossips, and are good in nature. They also remain intellectually fit for until their very old age. Young people of Gemini are very talkative and always get on at people with many questions, being able to put off balance even the most patient interlocutor (especially teachers), they also have hundred of weird or even abstract ideas, but they are always kind, polite and disarming.


Gemini as partners

He-Gemini will mostly expect his partner to be understanding and extremely patient. He is a bit of a scatterbrain and a bit of romantic, very sensible and usually handsome. It would be good if his partner was on similar level of intelligence as he is, shared his passions and didn’t let him get bored. Otherwise, He-Gemini may be looking for some fun outside the house, which may end up in many ways…

She-Gemini is a good at household jobs, but will never become a full-time housewife. She loves professional life and wants her partner to appreciate her interests and to share them. She is smart, happy, helpful, and loves to discuss on her favorite topics for long hours.

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