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7 sins and faults of the zodiacal Gemini

Although intelligent and happy, they are not without flaws. Here are the 7 deadly sins of the Gemini zodiac

The element assigned to the zodiacal Gemini Geminis is air.

The Gemini sign was for those who came into the world between May 21 and June 21.


Those born under this star are so volatile, like fog. The patron of the sign, Mercury, only intensifies the strength that pushes the Gemini into the world and punishes, believing that somewhere there is a place written for them. Still, it is always under a different sky than the Gemini is looking.

The Geminis born in the summer are in their surroundings for the Sun. They are always radiant and optimistic about life and inspire others with enthusiasm and joy. Their energy, however, is sweet and superficial joy. Impatience and rocking in the clouds are minor sins for the Geminis.


Here is the whole list of the most severe offenses of this mark.

1. Variability

Gemini is very unstable. They abandon their hobbies as quickly as they invent new ones. They are intelligent people with a wide range of interests, but often unable to engage in something with their whole being. They are impatient and quickly get bored.

Further, cons of Geminis can be found on the following pages.

2. Recklessness

Spontaneous and exciting – this is Gemini. People born in this sign love to be praised and shine in the company.

They regularly show off their intelligence, and sometimes they show something foolish. Their reckless behavior and careless ideas rarely have serious consequences, except perhaps shame, which is no stranger to these astral cubs.

3. Exterior

Because of the expanding energy and their nature punishing them for being in endless motion, Geminis do not focus too much on their surroundings.

Therefore, they are perceived by other people as superficial, chasing only fame or career.

4. Straw enthusiasm

Intolerant and changeable Gemini is not easy to interest, but when something focuses their attention, they devote themselves to it wholeheartedly, forgetting the word of God for the rest. It’s nothing; they have a thousand other things on their heads, only this one counts, others may cease to exist.

This approach does not lead the Gemini away because they are non-verbal and rarely rely on it.

5. Impatience

Impatience – this is the true Achilles’ heel of this zodiac sign. The Geminis become extremely bored quickly.

They often give up a well-paid job and even a prosperous relationship, move out and leave to seek happiness where they have not been.

6. Freedom above all else

People above this sign value freedom and independence above all else. They dislike creating rules and restrictions.

They do not allow themselves to be governed or ruled. They are oversensitive at this point. They treat good counseling as commandments.

7. Rocking in the clouds

Geminis are dreamers who walk with their heads in the clouds. They have great goals, and countless ideas are born in their heads, but they do not go so well in everyday life.

They often escape to their interior from problems they encounter on their way.

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