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tiger1Element: Wood

Lucky number: 7

Stone: Pearl

Favorable zodiac signs: Horse, Dog

Unfavorable zodiac signs: Snake, Rooster, Monkey, Rabbit, Ox

Western zodiac equivalent: Aquarius

Years:  1902, 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010

A person from under the sign of TIGER is characterized by peremptoriness and does not tolerate any opposition. They will ideal in a leading position, which is in part caused by the fact they can captivate people, gain their sympathy and admiration. They have no problem making important decisions on behalf of others, although they don’t always do it reasonably. If they learn that they should stop and think before acting, they can go very far and achieve much thanks to their natural stubbornness, relentlessness and confidence.

The flaws of this sign include puissance, problems with trusting others, minuteness in supervising the work of other people, and egoism, especially in trivial matters. Such a person loves professions associated with risk-taking, danger and threat to life, so they are a good material for a soldier, pilot, sailor or a mountaineer.

In love, a zodiacal Tiger is usually very engaged and giving themselves to the other person completely, regardless of whether the relationship is passing or life-long. Unfortunately, relationships of the former sort prevail…

A person born under this sign resembles their animal patron with their aggressiveness. They are just as uncontrollable and impetuous. They experience all emotions with great force, they are never neutral to anything, either loving or hating. They are very courageous and when something needs to be done, they do not hesitate for a moment. They often take up unnecessary risk, as they love such recklessness, it gives them the adrenaline they need in their life. It should be admitted that this attitude rarely causes trouble, as it practically always turns out good for them, and they can achieve success significantly quicker than people acting more traditionally and calmly.

When they see that the road they face is teeming with obstacles, they are not only unafraid, but also more motivated to achieve their goal, as they love to fight. If need be, they do not hesitate to use force, as they are of conviction that the end justifies the means, but it does not happen that they go as far as using unnecessary violence. But if there is a clear goal ahead of them, achieving it is all that counts, not the means to get there. It also helps that they are very confident and convinced of the justice of their deeds. It does not happen that they are engulfed with doubt or second-guesses as to whether or not they should turn back from the chosen path. They have great ambitions, including impressing others. It works perfectly for them, as people admire their fighting spirit, fearlessness and unbelievable consistency. They often becomes a true authority for people and use it to motivate them.

It often happens that a person who did not have any motivation for taking care of their life with courage is influenced by a Tiger, gains new strength and takes care of things. Such a person has so great charisma and ability to captivate people that they become a leader of a group of people if they desire so. Organizations skills and ability to nearly hypnotize others are visible at a young age, even in childhood when they take the forefront among their playmates, even older ones. They never allow, neither in childhood or later life, anyone to take control of them and they are only ready to accept someone’s superiority at the professional level, but even that happens only if those people have enough clout and decisiveness. If they do not, the Tiger will dominate them, even from a significantly lower position.

Professional life

Cooperating with a Tiger is not an easy task, but it is also not an unpleasant challenge, if one has taken their frequent outbursts of anger into account, as well the fact they will not subdue to anyone. They are easily agitated and one should be mindful of how they are treated if their wrath is to be avoided, as that is only a step away from making a bitter enemy out of them. They are also troublesome because of the fact they are always open about their opinion and cannot be persuaded to hold their tongue, even if it’s good for them. They enjoy rivalry, not because they find pleasure in it, but because they are always sure of victory. It never happens that anyone manages to defeat them, and their advantage is often so overwhelming that effectively discourages any potential candidates for more fights. That is why coworkers would rather befriend the Tiger, even if it is streaked with fear and uncertainty, than fight them openly which rarely ends well. As a friend, they are faithful, loyal and ready to help.

They approach any other people’s attempts at support with distrust, as they always want to manage on their own. In spite of that, they usually have many followers who know that they can gain a lot from sticking around the Tiger. Moreover, they can learn much from him, often catch some of the light they radiate.

Love life

In love, the Tiger stands out because of their possessiveness and wild passion. They are capable of great, fiery love, and very affectionate. A woman granted such love will surely be happy, although it will not be devoid of flaws. Family is the most important thing in the world for them, and they are ready to renounce all of their ambition, honors and dreams if it means the good of their loved ones.

The best relationships can be made with a Horse, Dragon or a Dog, as there is a secret thread of understanding between those signs. It will surely not work out with a Monkey with whom they will constantly fight, and the Monkey’s craftiness might make the Tiger lose which they will long and painfully experience as a stain on their honor .

A male tiger is full of passion and commitment in love. Feelings for a Tiger are a hunt and opportunity to show off his uniqueness and talent for wooing. He enjoys prolonged fights for a woman, as he loves difficult challenges and one can be sure of that he sets his mind on winning one, he will not rest until he does. It rarely happens that it is a difficult task for him, as women go crazy for him, and even if one of them is resistant initially, she quickly becomes helpless to his spectacular charm and downright hypnotic grace. It causes a Tiger to engage is many passing romances, as each captured prey quickly becomes uninteresting is discarded for a new one . Naturally, he has his expectations and does not go below them, as he is very picky and wants all that is best. He values clear situations and does not want to complicate things, and if he sees that a woman attempts to play a game with him, he immediately gives up the relationships, because he does not like being played with. If any woman manages to snare him, she has to be aware of the fact that this man cannot be lock at home, as a Tiger will never become a house kitty. Even after marriage, they need a lot of independence, constant appreciation in marriage and ensured diversity, as he might grow bored and look for excitement and new experiences elsewhere. Still, it happens rarely, as – as was previously mentioned – his family is most important to him and he might discard his other goals in their favor.

A female Tiger has a lot of charm and sensuality. Men cannot resist her, as she radiates great femininity and mystery which makes one wonder just how passionate she is when someone manages to approach her. She values the company of men and usually begins her personal life early. She greatly enjoys being in love, which is almost natural to her and it comes quickly. In love, she is very spontaneous and romantic, she like to arrange situations just like in books or movies, and feels great doing that. She is constantly surrounded by a group of admirers whose interest she eagerly uses, as she does not like to feel alone. Moreover, she values new adventures which give her just the right amount of excitement. Interest from men also help het to keep her self-esteem high, for is she stopped being admired, it would be devastating to her. She is not the best material for a stable partner, as she never agrees for compromises and always wants to be put first. Even after marriage, she is not going to give up her admirers and enjoys their company, making sure that she is still attractive, and that her husband stays jealous of her which flatters her very much. She requires her need for independence accepted, so her spouse must show much patience towards her. However, if she is granted those two things, he can be sure that she will always come back to him after an innocent flirt, and stay fully faithful.


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