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Element: Fire

Lucky number: 3

Stone: Agate

Favorable zodiac signs: Ox, Rooster

Unfavorable zodiac signs: Dog, Horse, Moneky, Tiger, Rabbit, Pig

Western zodiac equivalent: Pisces

Years:  1905, 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013

A person from under the sign of SNAKE has great intellectual potential – they are wise, have insightful mind and can say a lot. They are very elegant, dressing in style and saving no money on clothes, regardless of whether they are men or women. They do not like to waste time on activities they think to be pointless or empty. It is the zodiacal SNAKE that is the first to leave a boring spectacle or movie, they avoid TV series and value their time very much.

They are good material for a philosopher, they indulge chiefly in musings on important matters, they love to read and usually have their own opinion on every topic, they are also gifted, with life wisdom and extraordinary intuition. They achieve success in nearly every aspect of life – they make it financially as they are lucky in the matters of money and attract interesting people… in love they are a bit too possessive and want to keep their loved one for their own, which can effectively make the life of each of the two difficult.


A person born under this sign has vastness of natural wisdom. It depends mainly on the ability to see through people’s characters, which lets the Snake know what people expect of them, allowing them to not only live up to them but also avoid scams and people who would use them. Moreover, they have a very well developed intuition which, combines with their insight, makes them often infallible.

Sadly, it does not always turn out good for them, as it makes them overly confident and believe that they know absolutely everything, beyond making a mistake, which is naturally a strongly exaggerated opinion, one that make people often look with disdain at the Snake. So it cannot be said that they are generally liked, it should be unfortunately said that some might fake kindness and sympathy towards them just to take advantage of their wisdom, which they, in all their insight, are completely blind to. They are quite a romantic and idealistic individual. They aim at perfection and would like to be the best at everything.

They also take care of their looks with also exaggerated thoroughness, which is difficult for them when they have natural elegance and perfect sense of style. This trait is often envied by their surroundings, as they look perfect in whatever they wear and they don’t have to spend a fortune for it. However, if someone thinks that looks are most important for the Sake, the would be mistaken, as they care about harmonious development at all levels of their personality. So, they care about their intellectual growth just as much as they do about their looks.

They gladly indulge themselves in serious philosophical musings, and even show natural predisposition towards it. They do not like bland people and do not waste time for pointless conversations that lead nowhere, as they simply can’t spare the time. They also do not like to waste it on pointless activities, so they engage in realization of their goal only when they are sure they get see it through to the end. They very much dislike their initiated task being interrupted, and they almost never do so unless it is not dependent on them. They always act with full decisiveness, as they know what they want from life. They have the courage to make the hardest decisions without much hesitation, but that is mainly due to their great intuition, so their own credit in that is small.

Professional life

The Snake exhibits great care and diligence in business. They never take unnecessary risk, they hate being involved in uncertain matters and are not keen on depending on others for assistance, but they are always ready to help others should someone ask. They often even do it without being asked, which might make them look importunate, but their intentions are always good, so their surrounding should not think ill of them on that account, and their coworkers should be glad of that, even though is can be tiresome in the long run. It is caused by the fact that such a person is very thorough in everything they do and would like everyone to approach their tasks with the same diligence, and if the Snake sees other people’s imperfections they wish to remedy them which is not to everyone’s liking. They are very lucky in business, with natural talent for running their own business activity, but if they decide to enter a different professional path, they have a great chance to succeed as well.. The only danger for them should be sought in the fact that success, instead of motivating them to carry on, make them rest on their laurels and it just might happen that, paradoxically, great achievements will ultimately bring his actions to a stop.

Love life

A person born under this sign is quite amorous and usually not satisfied with only one partner. It is difficult for them to stay faithful, and they practically see little sense in that and nothing wrong with the fact that they engage in various relationships “on the side” . They think it is completely insignificant if they comply with all the obligations towards their partner or even family anyway, and they are not going to change their behavior. They, on the other hand, tend to be very jealous and cannot imagine sharing their loved one with anyone else. Even after love is gone, the jealousy often remains, which should rather be seen as marking their own territory and unwillingness to share anyone or anything with others, than possessiveness cause by a special feeling.

The most consistent, and thus happy, relationship can be made with an Ox, and a Rooster. Relationship with a Pig, although intriguing initially, can only make them both unhappy of which they will quickly become aware. Taking interest in a Tiger is dangerous to a Snake, as they will have a very bad influence on them and may seriously damage their psyche.

A female Snake allures men mainly with her secrecy. Everyone she deals with long for getting close to get and uncovering the fascinating secret she hides. She is very satisfied with that, glad of the fact that she can almost effortlessly seduce the opposite sex. She does not have to do anything deliberately, men are drawn towards her on their own and she is constantly surrounded by them. That is also a very favorable situation for her, as it lets her choose, and it must be admitted that she is very picky.

She is accepted nearly with no criticism and seems ideal in the eyes of many men. She, on the other hand, criticizes them mercilessly and will only get mixed up with somebody who will live up to least most of her expectations which is not that easy. If she does not like someone, whether because of his behavior or for some other reason, she does not beat around the bush and cruelly looks down on such a man with no compassion whatsoever. Still, men do not think ill of her for that, at least not enough to give up on the attempts to get close to her, which is a phenomenon of sorts. But whoever succeeds at that will surely find that it was worth the effort, as a female Snake is very sensual, tender and caring to a man she loves. She is not ashamed of showing love, yet she still remains very secretive, which is good for her relationship, as it makes her partner stay always excited. She is also very possessive – she would not be able to handle sharing her man with anyone. She wants him only to herself, she would gladly absorb all of his time and control him completely. She is very jealous which shows her attachment which, even though it is very tiresome, is rarely complained about by her partner. More, he often feels happy because of it, as he knows she cares about him.

A male snake is very charismatic and attracts women, nearly hypnotizing them, which does not put much strain on him. If he puts his heart into it, he can woo even the most resistant women, for he can see deeply into people’s characters and knows well what women expect him to do. He continuously perfects his art of wooing, as he can learn from his mistakes his extraordinary intelligence often helps him with. He has great sense of humor which also grants him sympathy and interest of the opposite sex. However, he never uncovers himself completely and always leaves a certain margin he never allays anyone to enter, which fascinates women all the more and stimulates their imagination.

He is imaginative, has fascinating personality and values changes, as he hates boredom. Unfortunately, that also relates to his love life, so one can be sure that if he feels bored with the relationship’s monotony, he might look for excitement elsewhere. That is why his woman faces an uneasy task of giving him constant new and exciting experiences if she wants him to stay by her side. He is himself very jealous and, even though he cannot always stay faithful, he unquestionably expects that of himself. One can be sure he will never forgive cheating on him, regardless of circumstances. It caused mainly by the fact that he sees no reason for being with a women who wouldn’t consider him the eighth wonder of the world if there are at least several others, who will never take their eyes off him, to take her place.

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