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Element: Metal

Lucky number: 6

Stone: Jasper

Favorable zodiac signs: Ox, Snake

Unfavorable zodiac signs: Rat, Rabbit, Monkey, Dog, Horse

Western zodiac equivalent: Virgo

Years: 1909, 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017

A person from under the sign of ROOSTER is overly honest, they are able to easily tell others what they really think about their behavior with usually brutal truthfulness. They often do it in a way that is disrespectful of feelings and offensive, which is a testament to egoism, craving for attention and a high regard about oneself..

The ROOSTER’S another characteristic trait is creating a commotion around themselves, e.g. through elaborating interesting life plans that invoke envy in others, although they don’t usually come to fruition – the ROOSTER is a conservative deep down, resistant to overly crazy innovations, but they will never admit it themselves.

A person from under the sign of ROOSTER is usually very social, they gladly invite people to various parties, mainly because of their extravagant, unusual and interesting plans and dreams, as well as the ability to invoke curious visions about the cosmos, the world and its people. Despite their slight unwillingness to work, they complete the assigned tasks quickly, thoroughly and smart. That gives them a significant chance to gather wealth and live in prosperity – although they will have to put a stop to their tendency to fantasize, dream things up and impress their friends.


The most important trait of a person born under that sign is honesty. They believe that trait to be definitely a virtue, for they never lie or go as far as cheat someone even if it could bring them huge benefit, although it should be admitted that their surroundings don’t always see it that way. It is because that honesty is often brutal – they say things people would rather not hear straight in the eye. Which is no wonder, for it is obvious that the Rooster is not so crystal-clear they would like to be perceived as.

They are incredibly selfish and do not care if their words can make someone feel bad. They only care about their own good. Moreover, they one people to think of them as eccentric, for they think that will grant them a reputation of a special individual who stands out. They do a lot to look that way and the tactics they choose to achieve it are effective, for they are talked about a lot, albeit badly. The Rooster does not care though – they think nothing of others’ opinions or sympathy. Although they try hard to appear extravagant, they are really not, it is just an act to ensure the interest of others. That mask of originality hides a person who is a bit lost in today’s world, a conservative who feels bets in the known, usual situation and patterns. Their behavior is therefore often rash and ill-considered, as it is simply not in their nature.

Although it is difficult to like them, they usually enjoy sympathy f their surroundings, for they are cheerful and able to win people over, of course if they don’t happen to be saying things to them they would rather not hear. They can be the life and soul of the party, all the more because they feel well among people and dislike loneliness. They surely cannot be spoken of as a homebody, for they think that by remaining within the confines of home they waste their numerous talents and can’t show people just how wonderful they are. They are very confident, and often think they have all the answers.

They have their own opinion about everything and believe they are always right with everyone of any other opinion being in the wrong. They gladly lecture others and think it is a great favor, although no one wants their advice but hardly anyone has the guts to tell them this. In general, such a person lives in their own world in a sense. They make a lot of plans and dream of long journeys, but any of these plans coming to realization is a rarity.

Professional life

The Rooster is a rather lazy person, and it is only when they really care about something that they can get a grip and act with full commitment. Nothing else matters to them then, so it is no wonder they can usually reach their goals and achieve success. At work, they often rely on their great ingenuity and the ability to establish contacts with people. They will feel best where they can perform a certain role with others just watching and learning. One can then be sure that they will give it their all and take great satisfaction out of it. Their lack of diplomatic skill and inability to reach compromises can be a problem though. It is for these two reasons that it is hard for the Rooster to cooperate with their people. Even more disastrous is a situation when they are subordinate to someone they feel ill about and have to stay in line anyway. It is the worst thing that can happen to them professionally, and then they will surely not take any satisfaction out of their work, just torment.

Love life

A person born under this sign is not a proponent of staying in the same relationship. They value the company of the opposite sex too much, as well as flirting, to stay faithful. Moreover, they think that would put their good looks and wooing talent to waste, a that is out of the question to them, for these traits are special just like them. When they really fall in love, though, they are capable of great sacrifices and one can be sure they will do anything not to hurt the other person..

A Rooster has much of a chance for happy relationship with an Ox, for they are a great conservative and will not have to try hard to be novel at their side. They will see eye to eye with a Snake and a Dragon as well, but a Rabbit does not fit them at all and if the two of them insist on staying in a relationship, they will only make each other miserable. They should avoid a Pig, too, for these too signs find it difficult to be on the same page in any matter.

A female Rooster is very honest and is not going to lie about loving anyone if she does not. She also does not want to stay in a relationship without feelings, although love is surely important to her – the thing that matter as well are passion and physical attraction. She is herself very passionate and does nothing half-way – if she loves someone, she is ready to jump into the fire for them, but if the feeling passes, she becomes completely indifferent about the man and if he is gone, she cares not about it . A life with her is not the easiest thing to do, as she is prone to quarrels and even if she is head over heels in love, she cannot help it. Very impulsive when angered, with tendencies of speaking the brutal truth straight in the eye. Not every partner can put up with that, which often becomes the reason for one relationship after another falling apart. She has no hesitation from criticizing her loved one and the way she does it is far from diplomatic. If someone takes upon himself to be with her anyway, he can count on her being faithful provided they are the man of her dreams. If not, she can’t be bothered with moral dilemmas.

A male Rooster is very secretive and hard to see through even if one thinks they know him well. It is caused by the fact that he goes through sudden inner feelings and emotions he does not want to show to the outside world. That in turn created a very complicated personality and disharmony between what he says and does. It is often unclear what his intentions are and a woman interested in him might misinterpret the signal he sends out, which leads to many misunderstandings and later disappointments. In love, even if he cares deeply about a woman, he does not like to be effusive and he even tends to be chilly, as he is afraid or ashamed of showing his feelings or maybe it’s just not in his nature. There is not much romanticism in him but he is fully dedicated to her partner and if he really cares about her, he can give up flirting with other women. It will not be easy for him, though, as he is constantly surrounded by them and is very flattered by their interest. When he starts a family, he becomes a typical home-stayer and very unwilling to leave the comfort of home where he feels well. He expects full commitment, trust and unconditional acceptance from his woman and if he cannot find the so much desired sense of acceptance by her side, the relationship will not last long.

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