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Element: Water

Lucky number: 11

Stone: Garnet

Favorable zodiac signs: Dragon, Monkey, Ox

Unfavorable zodiac signs: Rabbit, Rooster, Horse, Pig, Goat

Western zodiac equivalent: Sagittarius

Years: 1900, 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008

A person under the sign of RAT is a restless spirit, ever struggling with inner anxiety and worried with every little thing. Usually talented and aware of their strengths, however their absentmindedness and tendency to indulge in sweet laziness significantly limit their possibilities, as they effectively make it more difficult to e.g. deepen their knowledge, and achieving success.

They love social life, gossip, scandals and mishaps, they tend to stick their noses when they don’t belong, complicate certain matters etc. They also like to complain, although – if there is such a possibility – they make the most of their surroundings. They are passionate about gambling, they satisfy all their wishes without hesitation, even if they exceed their financial possibilities at the moment.

It should nonetheless be remembered that a person from under the sign of RAT is very honest and truthful, resourceful, will make it through in practically every position, but they most likely will never ear a fortune or save something for a rainy day – they enjoy satisfying their whims too much and have problems with learning how to save money.
Characteristics of a Rat

A person born under that sign is not the easiest one to cooperate with, as they expect much of others while not giving much out of themselves. They can adapt their behavior to a situation and often fake sympathy for a personal gain. They can even deliberately flatter people they have no respect for, so one can never be sure of their sympathy and should always be mindful of whether it’s not being faked for specific gain. They do not shrink from anything when it comes to using others and do not hesitate to “milk” those who care about them most, because they know their pleads for help will not go unheeded. They do not care that it is often a great sacrifice for these people, they can’t appreciate it. The greatest goal for them is money they often borrow from whomever they can but rarely pay back. They always struggle with financial problems anyway, as they enjoy living beyond their means and believe they shouldn’t deny anything to themselves, as they deserve all that is best. A Rat often falls into the clutches of gambling when they can cause themselves to go completely bankrupt, so their loved ones should watch out that they do not indulge in that hazardous habit.

Even though this description makes it sound like they are completely careless litterbugs without any regard for their own fate, it is far from the truth, for although they want to make themselves out to look that way on the outside, deep in their heart they are afraid of failures. That is why they often try to accumulate various savings and supplies in case of harsh times, which paradoxically works against them, as they fall in even worse dept.

All of that does not mean that such a person is wholly negative, as they truly have a lot of positive sides. Most of all, they are very truthful, and although they skillfully manipulate people, they are never dishonest to their friends and other people they care deeply about . They never go as far as to be dishonest towards them wither, they have their honor and would never sink to that level. They are also very emotional, even overly sentimental. They have a tendency to ponder the past experiences, and if a friendship or another close relationship is drawing to a close for some reason, it’s hard for them to make peace with that and they miss that person dearly. People who don’t know him are unaware of their impulsiveness, as they can ably pretend to be calm. It is not true, however, as they are very irritable and always seem to be agitated by something, although it might look like there is no reason to be. Still, they are well aware of their own instability and uncertain life situation, and although they cannot and are unwilling to change, they know such life brings no happiness. His unbalances moods often take the form of aggression, luckily not directed at anyone.

They enjoy complaining and often do so. It is easy to fall under their criticism and one can be sure that a Rat will not hesitate to express is profoundly, as it genuinely pleases them, although they know when to do it and when to hold their tongue. They are considered to be withdrawn, and it is actually hard to reach them, but they rarely abstain from people. They enjoy company but always keep their distance. They do not hesitate to spread even uncertain rumors and are genuinely interested in the affairs of other people, even ones that should not be of interest to them whatsoever, but, on the other hand, they guard their own privacy with diligence and do not confide their problems or inner experiences to anyone. Which is why their close acquaintances have no idea of the storm that might take place after the mask of tranquility and serene smile.


Professional life

Such a person is not particularly hard-working and feels a lot better when other people do their job for them. However, if they put their mind on something, one can be sure they will give their all to achieve that goal and only a very unfavorable coincidence could stand in their way. Generally, they have great natural talent and could achieve a lot if they only wanted to, but they are a terrible malcontent and usually don’t feel like doing anything. Money does not stick with them and even if it happens that they earn a lot or are given a significant inheritance, one can expect they will quickly loos all they have and love on borrowed time again.

As for their skills, they are often targeted towards arts. It is certain they will not pick a job that required physical strain, they are too comfortable and lazy for that. They prefer mental strain, but even there they do not like to overstrain themselves. It is not very good for them, for if they only put some effort into it, they could be successful in politics or business  – they tend to be most skillful in these areas. Still, they have to do a lot of scheming to stay on the surface and ensure material well-being of their family, but it is caused solely by their recklessness and frivolous approach to life. Their relatives and friends bear much of the blame here, as they tend to help and flatter him instead of encouraging a change of his behavior, which makes the Rat convinced they do not have to put any effort into anything, expecting to be taken care if at all times.

Rat – Love life

A Rat can create the best relationship with someone from under the sign of Rat. They will surely complement each other perfectly, as the Dragon’s common sense and stability wonderfully balances Rat’s recklessness and carelessness, but the Rat will not allow the Dragon to be too serious and will see to it that the relationship does not miss a bit of fantasy. Thanks to that, they will not grow bored with each other, and watch out that none of them makes a significant mistake. A Rat can also live in harmony with an Ox who will ensure their stability and safety, and with a Monkey whose sense of humor will beneficially influence their stress and the feeling of constant uncertainty.

As for unfavorable configurations, they should most of all avoid forming any closer relationships with the Horse and Rabbit. Both of these signs can only agitate the Rat, so the relationship will have an abundance of quarrels and misunderstandings, and that can’t be a basis for a stable relationship, even in the spirit of opposites attracting each other.

A male rat has enormous needs regarding love, both sensual and purely spiritual. It causes him to begin their love life early, often earlier than his peers, and it is often very turbulent, full of intense and extraordinary experiences. He has a lot of inner energy, a large part of which is spent for engaging in romances and seeking out new catches. His feelings are very unstable, making him fall in love nearly on a daily basis, and then the feeling is gone just as fast as it appeared.

It is hard to keep up with him, his partners can’t do it and then they feel disoriented when they are dumped a day after hearing a fiery love confession. That is why even if someone manages to snare him, he is after past  a few or a dozen of serious or less serious relationships, but to him they are insignificant episodes, leaving pleasant, albeit blurry memories. It should be admitted, however, that his experience does not go to waste, as he can make use of it in his next relationships and perfect the art of wooing. Among his colleagues, he is often thought of as an authority in that matter, as he boasts of being an expert in terms of female psyche and knows what a certain women wants and how to naturally give it to her. It is not known what the truth of it is, but the fact is that such a man can never complain on lack of popularity among women.

Women are captivated mainly by his commitment which makes them think his feelings are genuine, they do not even expect that the Rat perceives it as little more than an exciting game. His merit is also the fact that he is open for any novelty, nothing can shock him and will gladly try anything. He shows great inventiveness, and even romantic impulses at times. He gives a lot out of himself, often more than what he can expect in return but that doesn’t bother him. He knows how to live life to the fullest, and the personal sphere gives him most possibilities, all the more because it costs him nothing and lets him have some fun.

Sadly, his significant flaw is his problems with keeping faithful. One can be sure that even if he gets married, he will not give up his freedom, and it can only be hoped that it will be limited to mere flirting and does not push him towards cheating, although the chance for that is slim. He will surely not allow his spouse (or anyone else) limit him, as hardly anyone else values independence and not being told what to do more than him. He will not allow himself to be locked home, and any pleads that he stays put can only bring the opposite effect. The Rat has much love inside him, that is why he can share it among other women, not just his wife, and what’s worse, he does not see anything wrong with that as he believes it is not his fault and everyone should accept it. Of course, he does not parade that, but if he happens to fail to stay faithful, he is not bothered with it as he thinks it means nothing at all. is wife must have a lot of patience to bear with his independence or stay out of his affairs, which will let her live and peace and blissful unawareness.

A female Rat has so much of inner charm no one can pass by her indifferent. She doesn’t have to put too much effort into attracting the attention of men, and it can even annoy her, but it happens rarely as she is a born coquette. She can seduce men so ably that they are convinces they have picked her out of the crowd and caught her in their net, while it is her who skilfully made them look at her. She is always the one to take the initiative, but she does it in such a way no one suspects it. She gladly gets engaged in various romances and passing acquaintances, as she believes that life is too short to let ethical principles hold you back and she, after all, does nothing wrong. It is not always true, as she often gives men false hope and then, when she grows bored with them, she abandons them without hesitation or any regard for the fast that she might seriously hurt someone or even break his life. Still, she never gets attached and emphasized at the very beginning that she is only in for the fun of it.

She often does not believe in love at all unless she experiences it herself, but that feeling is not as important to her as to other people, especially women. Such a women might even lead a double life, especially when she can’t make up her mind as to which man to pick, as she is not honest enough to give one up if there’s something in him that attracts her. However, this morality frolic never becomes a problem for her, as she always manages to come around. If she believes that a partners is trying to make her grow attached, she immediately breaks the relationships, not giving herself any chance for forming a stable relationship which she cares nothing for anyway, as it appears to her as a complete limitation to her freedom. She would surely grow bored if she were to spend more time with someone, so she tries to avoid such situations, and even if she herself grows to care about someone, she leaves him not to engage too much. She constantly craves changes and new excitement, so it won’t be easy to snare her, it might be even impossible.

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