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Element: Wood

Lucky number: 4

Stone: Pearl

Favorable zodiac signs: Goat, Pig

Unfavorable zodiac signs: Dragon, Rat, Rooster, Snake, Dog, Horse

Western zodiac equivalent: Taurus

Years: 1903, 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011

A person from under the sign of RABBIT is very nice, sociable, values meetings with close friends and rather stays out of conflicts. They are rarely the life of the party, they tend to keep to the side, but they value general acceptance. It is caused by the natural shyness which sometimes goes overboard. Because of that, a zodiacal Rabbit feels best in a staff position, preferably helping other people. They love peace and quiet, they rarely act impulsively, make rash decisions or judgments – because of that, the rather stay out of conflicts, do not fight or quarrel, but they can appear a bit bland to their surroundings, boring even.

Despite the fact that they usually stay in the shadows, they can take care of their own business – they know how to achieve success in life through baby steps, prudence, savings and planning skills. Even though they do not like risks, they tend to have great ideas that the implement as soon as they feel safe. In spite of appearances, the zodiacal RABBIT cannot be manipulated – they know what they want, the have their own principles, although they never parade it.

In relationships, the value security and stability, that is why they need a partner who will walk with them side by side, calm and peaceful like them, trustworthy and one who they can rest by.


A Rabbit is a person who stands out due to their politeness towards everyone they meet for which they are generally liked and people wish to form social bonds with them. Other traits that make them stand out are their amazing sense of elegance, exquisite taste and great discretion. They always act with class even in the most difficult situation, and they do not go below a certain level. They have a lot of luck in their life, but most of their success is chiefly due to the fact they are constantly surrounded by people who wish them well. They are a true soul of the party and enjoy take an active part in social life.

No meeting or party can go on without them, for no one can prevent boredom just like them. They enjoy stirring up confusion, often because of their gossip which, despite his discretion, they do not avoid if it concerns people they do not particularly like, they provoke true scandals. However, when their loose tongue and willingness to impress other get them in trouble, they try to avoid responsibility and are ready to retreat, although it must be admitted that they know how to save their dignity in any situation and know when the right moment for retreat is . They are a very peaceful person, arguing only occasionally when they see no other way out. In every situation, they prefer to let it go, even if someone is trying to provoke them.

Even though others think the Rabbit is very cheerful, their pessimistic demeanor comes out when they are not enjoying himself, they start to see everything negatively. They have many fears concerning their future and feel very uncertain. If something goes wrong for them, they are strongly affected by it and are ready to pour out their problems to everyone, hoping to find someone who would be willing to help them. They do not concern themselves with problems of other people too much, though, and even the biggest one do not phase them. It is a proof of their insensitivity and selfishness, yet it must be admitted that such an attitude saves them a lot of worries which they have much of in their life anyway, as they are ready to look for them even in places where there are none to be found.

Their other significant flaw is their tendency for snobness. They enjoy it when people envy them, even when it comes to the closest friends and often tries to manifest their superiority in any field. They particularly often try to impress with their intelligence which is not so great as to make anyone envy it, and the knowledge they like to boast is very superficial, acquired solely for the purpose of shining in company.

Professional life

Such a person values a peaceful, undisturbed life, also in the professional sphere. One can be sure they will never take risks, even if it might bring much benefit. It is not, however, a result of their cowardice, just caution and reluctance to bravado – they just don’t see much sense in putting everything they have managed to acquire at stake if they are not sure of victory. They always have to think everything through carefully and analyze all the pros and cons to be sure they made the best possible decision. Such an attitude grants them the trust of their coworkers, as they know that such a person does not act rashly and know what they are doing. They are also a great conservative, they prefer to follow well-known, trodden paths than discover something new. They are not bothered by monotony, they even value it.

They are naturally talented in running their own business, especially related to trade, but they usually pick less risky occupations. They can be a good politician or a diplomat, all the more because they want their job to be lucrative, as they love luxury and would not be able to live modestly.

Love life

The Rabbit is a sociable person, and they prefer company much more to starting a family which makes them think of many obligations and no time for anything else. Their parental instinct is rather weak and are often not interested in the prospect of having a child at all.

They have the greatest chance at creating a consistent, harmonious relationship with a Goat, a Dog or a Pig. There is no chance for anything between them and a Rooster, they should stay away from a Ray as that can only bring them trouble, and a relationship with a Tiger will be abundant in continuous misunderstandings, leading to a life of permanent stress. It will be very tiresome to both sides involved and practically make it impossible for the relationship to last.

A male Rabbit is a typical gentleman. He always knows how to behave to impress women, but it should be clearly indicated that he does not do it purposefully, and his elegance and perfect manners are intended to woo. It is merely a side effect if his classy behavior, which he enjoys anyway. Another trait that ensure a constant popularity among the fair sex is the distance he constantly keeps towards his surroundings, which makes him look very mysterious. Every women drams of beating that distance and solving the riddle he hides inside him. His apparent coldness is also very alluring to them, as it makes them wonder about his great sensuality and passion. It is not until one gets to know him better that it is reveal what a great romantic he is, completely out of place in the present time.

He is not interested in passing romance, he looks for a woman who is destined for him and of he finds one, he is ready to put the world at her feet. However, in order for him to be able to open up to another person, he must feel he is genuinely loved and completely accepted. He cares about having a family and usually aims for it right at the beginning of a relationship, so he becomes a husband relatively early. It must be admitted though, that a life alongside him is not as idyllic as one might think, for in spite of honest love and faithfulness he gives his spouse, he has many flaws. His character is quite difficult, he is unwilling to agree for compromise and would like everything to be his way. He sometimes acts like a spoiled child, he tends to have gratuitous moods he expects to be accepted, which is not easy for his wife and she can sometimes just have enough of him. Still, one cannot hope for him to change as he sees nothing wrong with his behavior, he is even so confident that he thinks those whims and mood swings add to his charm, as they keep him from being boring and predictable. His wife would surely have a different opinion on the matter, but she has to other choice but to pretend she does not care about her husband’s moods.

A female Rabbit is a traditionalist when it comes to emotional matters and even if a certain man is especially attractive to her, she never makes the first move. She passively waits for someone to woo her which is not easy, as she is very distanced and even a little frosty so men are often simply afraid of her. Even if she is in a stable relationship, she faces significant problems expressing her feelings and a lot of time has to pass for her to completely open up to someone. But if that period is patiently waited through, it turns out she has a lot of love and tenderness. That is why she feel very bad when being alone. In a relationship, most of all she needs a sense of security and stability.

Therefore, she will certainly not be interested in a man with an opinion of a womanizer, and even if she feels charmed by him, she will not want to bond with him, for she is aware that a life with constant stress and suspicion of cheating would inevitably lead her to a complete emotional turmoil. She can often enter into a relationship with someone without love, just to finally feel safe and find her place in life. She is fully faithful herself and if there is someone at her side, she does not even consider taking interest in someone else. She is perfect as a guardian of home’s warmth and comfort, she can give her loved ones warmth she needs so much herself. However, a life with her might not be so easy for a man who expects more exuberance and openness from his woman, for a female Rabbit is never up to it.

Even after many years of marriage, she does not approach her spouse with an initiative, as she can’t be spontaneous and is ashamed of expressing her feelings, and talking about them is out of the question. In the long run, it can be very tiring, so it is very important for her to find the right partner, one who will unconditionally accept her the way she is and will not expect her to change for him, as it is completely impossible.

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