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Element: Water

Lucky number: 5

Stone: Emerald

Favorable zodiac signs: Goat, Rabbit

Unfavorable zodiac signs: Pig, Dog, Snake, Tiger, Horse, Monkey

Western zodiac equivalent: Scorpio

Years: 1911, 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019

A person from under the sign of PIG is trusting, sometimes naive and easily misled. This is due to their innate honesty, integrity and humility. They easily forgive any wrongs, maintain just the right distance from them and are always ready to help – even those who once tried to trick the Pig. They love contact with nature, spending time in the great outdoors and sports – recreationally, not competitively, for they are not a fan of rivalry, nor do they insist on fighting for the first place – most of all they value peace and quiet.

They are unusually intelligent, often well-educated, but dedicated to things that do not bring in much money. The zodiacal PIG is not able to manage money anyway so perhaps it is good they have little of it. They can sometimes slip and tell a lie, they are talkative and rather undecided – making important decisions usually takes a lot of time for them, but as soon as they reach a conclusion, they are firm about it.

They are not the life of the party and have few friends, but those who enjoy the Pig’s genuine trust can count on them anywhere. In love, they are devoted, unafraid of marriage and most happy among a group of children to take care of.


The Pig often displays child-like behavior. They are cheerful, with positive outlook on the world and people, able to enjoy virtually everything and a little gullible, so they are easily deceived and used. Still, they cannot seem to learn to be careful and draw conclusions from the mistakes they make. They are also quite forgiving – even if hurt badly by someone, the Pig can easily forgive them and trust them again if they only promise to change their ways.

It never happens that they would crave revenge, even when it would be justified. They are full f empathy and understanding for human weaknesses, ready and excuse anyone and willing to help others, even if they objectively do not exactly deserve it. They are very tolerant, one can be sure that the Pig will never scold or point fingers at anyone. They dislike competition and if they know they will have to compete with someone in any field, they often just back away, which is not good for them, as it often makes important life opportunities pass right by their nose. Such a person has a great tendency for sacrifices, able to give up their own good for the sake of others, even if aware that they will not appreciate or even notice it. The Pig does not care if someone notices their good deeds, that is not why they do it anyway. Still, they are not completely devoid of flaws, they have a tendency to lie, sometimes even in situations where they could manage without it.

They are intelligent, well-read and very witty. They gladly speak publicly, as they always have something interesting to say and know that it impresses their surroundings. Making decisions is not their strong suit, though, for they often hesitate lengthily and struggle with doubts whether the choice was right. But they do not step back from once given word and any attempts at convincing them to do so is futile, so it is not even worth trying.

When they are to defend their conviction, all their subtlety and sensitivity disappears, then they can show just how consequent they are and how much they can do, which often amazes those around the Pig. They do not have many friends, as they value quality over quantity. However, they tend to get involved in the wrong company, as they don’t know how to be assertive and often let other people decide things for them. That last thing can be dangerous for them, as they can easily be talked into using stimulants and that is only one step from a dangerous addiction, especially because their prone to getting addicted. Luckily, if they see themselves heading into a dangerous direction, they can move away in time.

Professional life 

The Pig, thanks to their qualities and great diligence, can theoretically make it big in any profession. However, a lot really depends on whether the circumstances are favorable or not. Still, they should avoid professions related to finances, as it is not their forte and they might not be able to handle it. Their great sensitivity makes them ideal for artistic professions, but they do not always discover a talent in themselves, so they might have trouble picking the right job.

Love life 

A person born under that sign does not always, sadly, has any luck in love so they often live out their life alone. They are capable of great love, but often very undecided and often do not know themselves what they want from life or their partner, which not everyone can put up with in the long run. They dream of starting a family, and entering marriage is a priority to them, and that is why they often make that decision a bit rashly, when they are not yet sure whether the person at their side is the right one.

The best relationship for them is one with a Rabbit, but should definitely stay away from a Snake who will try to dominate them. A Dragon might show similar tendencies, and the Pig, although they have no problem submitting, will not enjoy a situation where they are completely overwhelmed and not allowed to have their own opinion. A Dog and a Goat might have similar dominance aspirations towards them, but probably because the Pig allows them to do it themselves and will probably regret it later.
A female Pig is very natural and unpretentious . It draws men to them, as they know there will not be any problems with her, and it is pleasant to spend time with her happy and cheerful self.

She nearly radiates with joy of life and can pass it onto others, so she is very popular with the opposite sex, but she never asks for it as she is too straightforward and natural to try and woo someone. She is sensual, but unintentionally so, and if she were to flirt with someone, she would probably not even know how to go about it. She is lucky enough to have someone she likes share the feeling. Unfortunately, it does not always lead to a happy relationship, as she finds it quite difficult to get seriously committed. But when she really falls in love, she places no limits for herself and nothing is more important to her than that feeling and her beloved one. She can create a comfortable home where every visitor feels fantastic. She never quarrels with her husband or children, and is even able to soothe those of others, as she has great diplomatic mediation skills.

A male Pig pursues starting a family, as he has a lot of love and protective instinct inside. He gladly takes care of people, which makes him a wonderful partner. He is very popular among the opposite sex even in his early youth, but he does not throw himself into the whirls of social life, making use of it with enviable sense. He never gets involved in relationships with women he cannot trust, as he very much needs a sense of stabilization and must be sure of his other half.

He does not like to quarrel or blaming each other. He tries to resolve all conflicts with constructive conversation and it must be admitted that he usually achieves excellent results. He is very faithful and never cheats. He generally values clarity of situations and hates games, even those that are seemingly supposed to bring some variety into the lives of him and his partner.

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