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Element: Water

Lucky number: 11

Stone: Onyx

Favorable zodiac signs: Rat, Horse, Rooster

Unfavorable zodiac signs: Rabbit, Rooster, Horse, Pig, Goat

Western zodiac equivalent: Capricorn

Years: 1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009

A person from under the sign of OX approaches life carefully, they do not desire fame, yet they have a great chance for achieving success. Their ability for inner calm and great patience wins other trust without problems. They have a tendency for prolonged indulgence in philosophical musings on the meaning of life, that is why they value solitude, they may even appear a bit shy or alienated. A perfectionist, pursuing their goal relentlessly – attempts at drawing him away from it will only unleash bursts of anger and fury.

 A person from under this sign will do splendidly in a leading position – chiefly thanks to their stubbornness which lets them achieve a great deal. They will also do greatly – thanks to their diligence and perseverance – in other positions. Their flaw, however, is their reluctance towards novelties or innovation – they value the most what was proven and will grounded with the experience of generations. They are also a traditionalist who remembers the old customs and acts in line with savoir vivre, loves their family, takes pride from their loved ones and are generally respected. Although not romantic in love, they are often sensitive, devoted and faithful.


A person born under this sign is calm beyond measure. They always act in a composed way and do not allow sudden outbursts of emotion. They also have a lot of patience, he is it not easy to throw them out of balance, they are also able to wait for the results of their action a long time. They are also quite shy which might make them reluctant to speak up and cause them to retreat. They are not a fan of crowds, they prefer solitude. They enjoy locking themselves up in their home and indulge in deep, philosophical musings or contemplation of art. It makes it quite difficult for them to form closer relationships with others, yet they have plenty of friends, as it is their modesty and meekness that grant them a lot of respect. It is not until someone gets to know them really well or spend a lot of time with them that it is revealed that the Ox is really a spitfire and, if someone mages to upset them, their great anger is often close to fury.

In a group of people they do not know well, they know how to behave and will never show their bad side, but if they feel comfortable with someone, they see no reason not to let their anger loose and indulge in their emotions with no problem. Moreover, if someone still tried to fight or stop them in that state, they can get really dangerous, so it is better to stay out of their way and let them calm down which should happen quickly . Overall, such a person hates it when someone tries to impose their will on them and dissuade them from anything, especially if a mater is really important to them and they are determined to see it through. They can’t be stopped from anything anyway, and attempts at that can only discourage them from keeping up contacts with anyone who tries.

As for their beliefs, they are usually very conservative, such a person hates novelties and modifications which they consider unnecessary peculiarities threatening the established order. If anyone put an idea in the Ox’s head, one that especially captivates them, they can even approach it fanatically, which is why they often show undesirable attitudes – they are overly religious, boast it and annoys with pleas for more intensive spiritual life, or becomes a chauvinist, oppressing those they deem inferior without remorse. Tradition is one of the most important value to them, as they can’t be expected to give it up in regards to e.g. family life. A male Ox will surely not let his wife work professionally, as he thinks it to be the domain of men, and a women is supposed to only take care of kids and home, and a female Ox will not show feminist tendencies and will feel best in the comfort of home she will guard proudly.

The family life of the Ox does not belong to the happiest ones, however, because even though they care deeply for their loved ones, it is not met with their complete understanding. For instance, their family does not understand why they are so strict and forceful, and the children might rebel against it, not appreciating the fact that all of it is done for their own good, even of not always understood well. Such a situation of mutual misunderstanding is, despite appearances, very hurtful to the Ox, as deep down they long for love and acceptance, as well as obedience to their instructions, resulting from a willingness to please them, not for peace and quiet or fear of their wrath which happens often.


Professional life

The Ox’s virtue is that of their diligence and approach all their duties with great commitment. It makes them appreciated at work, regardless of their chosen profession, they can also achieve significant earnings, assuring a great standard of life for their family. Their consistency and responsibility make them a great potential doctor, but it must be noted that they are not great at getting along with people so it might be better if they don’t have to do it. They should also avoid employment related to travels, as it will not being them any pleasure, just trouble, as they do not enjoy leaving their home and dwelling place too often. If work disturbs their inner balance, for instance because of constant changes or stress, it will surely have a negative effect on their well-being, and later also on their health. It should also be mentioned that an Ox born in the summer months usually have to work longer and harder for their success than one born in winter.

 Love life

The ox has much love in them, they long for love and unconditional acceptance. Sadly, they express much distance which prevents from fully opening to another person, so even if they enter marriage, their significant other does not even know of their longings and expectations. Although they express a lot of love and devotion, they have no romanticism, passion or even jealousy at all, which becomes a serious marital problem after a time, as it makes the other person believe they are not loved. Still, although they not express jealousy, the matter of faithfulness is unquestionable to them and they will surely not allow any deviation from this norm, even though they are much more forgiving towards themselves and a bit on the side might slip by on occasion, which they belittle completely, as if their own moral principles, at least in this matter, did not apply to them. Is it all the more odd because of the fact they are a great traditionalist.

Love, sadly, does not bring them such happiness as to most people, although it might be because of his exaggerated expectations, completely disproportionate to reality, also towards their own commitment. Marriage does not bring them the expected fulfillment either, which might negatively affect all the areas of their life.

It will be best of an Ox decides to bond with a Rooster, a sign which also correlated to great conservatism, so there won’t be any clashes. There is a great change for agreement with a Rat or a Snake, too.. They sometimes try to bond with a Monkey, but such relationship is doomed from the get go, as the Monkey is too careless for them. They will surely not create a lasting relationship with a Goat, it might even end badly for one of them, or with a Tiger, as they will constantly fight each other, and the Tiger will be upset by constant losses.

Men–the Ox faces significant problems expressing their feelings, at least when it comes to putting them into words, as he is much better at giving proof to his love, although it happens only after a time, after he overcomes the initial awkwardness. He is secretive and shy, turns out to be a lot better after getting to know him, he brings out how virtuous he is and how much he has to offer to a woman. It has to be patiently shown to him that his insecurities which nearly paralyze him at first contact, are really make-believe and no one sees them apart from him. Wooing is hot his stronger side, so if a woman is interested in him, she often has to take the initiative herself, which she is unlikely to regret, for when an Ox picks up steam, he will show what he can do and give her unforgettable experience. As a traditionalist, he respects monogamy and looks for a life-long partner. However, if his wife does not live up to his expectations and makes his feel like a friend, if is certain he will sooner or later look for fulfillment elsewhere, although he will try and hide it. Although he is very possessive and sometimes thinks he can treat his partner as his sole possession, ready to lock her up in the house if need be, which is sort of hypocritical due to his problems with keeping faithful. He will not bear his wife flirting with other men, even innocently, as nothing hurts his ambition more, and he is sensitive about it. It might cause a lot of problems, as he rather does not give his spouse any romanticism or enrichment in her life. On the contrary – he is rather boring, always distant to an extent, reluctant towards changes and novelties, so a life at his side might quickly bore a more demanding woman.

A female Ox is also a great conservative, reluctant to any changes she sees as a threat to her harmony of life. She wishes her existence to be calm and stabilized, she does not miss any adventures and is not bothered by monotony, she even longs for it . She expects her partner to make her feel safe and absolutely sure of him, so she does not accept cheating and will surely never forgive it, as it would be nearly an end to her unordered life. She finds it rather difficult to express feelings, although she does show some sensuality. She does not like endearments, talking openly about feelings is very awkward to her and it doesn’t change even after many years of marriage. If her partner is more effusive, her prudery and distance might cause continued clashes, so it is important that he finds a man who would accept all of her traits which another would find troublesome. Such a woman hated possessiveness and will not allow anyone to limit her freedom. She knows herself where the impassable limits are, so reminding her of them is nearly an insult. Material status is very significant to her – she does not want or is able to live in poverty, so it is certain that she will pick a partner who will also be able to give her a life at an adequate level. It is often even more important to her than feelings, so a female Ox can marry “of convenience”.

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