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Element: Metal

Lucky number: 10

Stone: Emerald

Favorable zodiac signs: Rat, Dragon

Unfavorable zodiac signs: Tiger, Snake, Pig, Rooster, Goat

Western zodiac equivalent: Gemini

Years: 1900, 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008


A person from under the sign of MONKEY is two-faced. On one hand, they are gifted with great sense of humor, gentle and playful, on the other they love snide remarks and tent to be cunning. They gladly indulge in social life where they are thought to be kind and polite, but they are also egoistic, selfish and of there is only an opportunity – they try for a personal gain out of every meeting.

Generally, the zodiacal MONKEY believe themselves to be better than others, they tend to be vain, trust a very small group of people and not have many friends. They like to know what happens to be on top at the moment – what books people read, what should be watch at the cinema or theatre, what paintings are bought by connoisseurs etc., and they always have something interesting to say among people. So, they are a rather interesting conversationalist. They have great sense of humor and – what is very important – are able to laugh at themselves.

They have little luck in love, mainly die their complex character, original approach to life and a prickly sense of humor. It is difficult for them to find a partner who would last for long at their side.


The zodiacal Monkey has a great sense of humor, which is their dominant trait, but it is not particularly good, as their jokes that they love to tell are often ironing and hurtful to others. There is not much of good-natured merriment in them, more mischief and tendency to pull silly pranks on people. Moreover, they see nothing wrong with their behavior and wonder why no one else laughs at their jokes if they are so funny. That causes them to be quite disliked, and yet they value company and often intrude upon people who do not want then there. However, their kindness is just a pretend, as they are really a great egoist and do not like anyone except themselves. They can attach a label to just about anyone and laugh behind their back. They also enjoy malicious rumors, often thinking them up themselves, resorting to various kinds of deception and weaving intrigues they hope to gain something from.

They think themselves a lot better than other people, and no one else thinks so highly of themselves as the Monkey, although it is a mystery on what basis that is so. True, it cannot be denied that they have an interest in the world and a lot of knowledge which they own mainly to their perfect memory, but that knowledge is rather superficial, attained more to impress others than to make any use of it. They are, however, very resourceful, able to find their way out of every situation, even the most difficult one. They are creative, able to come up with new, unique solutions. Those traits make it possible for them the achieve success in many fields, but a great problem that makes it completely impossible for them is their lackluster enthusiasm telling them to abandon a newly started task just after it began.

Professional life

The Monkey is ruthless professionally, with no qualms at all. If they know they can achieve success, they will not shy away from the cheapest trick, lies and deception are no problem to them. They like to manipulate people and do it often, and those are completely unaware of that and enjoy cooperation with the Monkey.

That usually brings success, but not due to their hard work and commitment. They will work best in the lines of work where they are dependent on others, as they know how to win them over, mainly thanks to the deceptions and faked kindness and honesty, which they are a master at. They have a tendency for making empty promises, they know right away they will not be able to keep their word, and people still fall for it, ready to give much for those promises, including their support, so it is small wonder the Monkey can get to the top.

Love life

It cannot be said that the Monkey has great luck in love, which is very unfortunate for them because, despite appearances, they long for and search for it. They often fall in love head over heels, even though they usually have no shortage of common sense. Luckily such state passes quickly and then they wonder what they saw in a particular person if they are not their type at all. They do not know what they are looking for themselves, so it is no wonder they usually do not find it, but they are not bothered by their failures.

A good partner for a Monkey can be a Dragon and a Rat who is willing to sacrifice and do anything for love. They will surely not make a good relationship with a Tiger, for there will be numerous misunderstandings between them, even if they both want the relationship to last.

A female monkey loved seducing men and she does it well. It is unknown where she got that extraordinary knowledge of male psyche and the fact is she can make excellent use of it. She knows where a man’s most tender spot is and will not hesitate to use it for her own benefit. Seduction gives her the drive to live on and she practically could not function without it, just like without the constant state of love so she often deliberately fuels her infatuation, making it larger in her mind than it really is. Her methods are not always morally sound, though, she rather uses tools in her own style which is weaving a net of intrigue she herself often gets lost in. She is full of fantasy and will not shy away from anything to get a man she is interested in to notice her, so even if the object of her interest is initially indifferent about her, there is little chance he will resist falling for her in the end. A relationship with her is not idyllic either, for she always wants to have the upper hand, and being dominated by her partner is out of the question. She thinks nothing of conventions and tradition, everything is to be exactly as she likes and she is not going to limit herself with anything. However, none of it is as scary as it might seem, for when a Monkey is truly in love and wants the relationship to last longer than an ordinary romance, she is ready to give up a lot and really tries hard. Still, every for that she cannot say no to flirting, so her man should learn immunity to that and just ignore it as a harmless final foible.

A male Monkey is not particularly sympathetic, as he manifests his superiority to everyone and always wants to dominate. His character is strong and things must always be his way. Satisfying his own whims is most important to him, he does not much care for other people so a live at this side is not easy. He conquers women and, when he feels like it, discards them with no remorse.

He is very passionate in love, so in spite of his difficult character, he cannot complain about being unpopular among women. However, his attention can only be drawn to a woman who is very confident, liberated, aware of her value and able to live life to the fullest. A dasein afraid of taking from fate what it offers them has little change with him. Moreover, a relationship with him is a constant struggle with his boredom, as the monotony of everyday life quickly bores him. If his partner does not want to be replaced with a new prey quickly, she must constantly fight for his attention, introduce novelties into their life and do anything to keep him from getting bored. That is quite a difficult task as he is a very picky man, not satisfied with just anything.

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