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Element: Fire

Lucky number: 5

Stone: Emerald

Favorable zodiac signs: Dog, Tiger, Goat

Unfavorable zodiac signs: Rat, Dragon, Ox, Snake

Western zodiac equivalent: Gemini

Years: 1906, 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014

A person from under the sign of the HORSE is characterized by their particular care for good looks and making the best possible impression on their surroundings. They are also keen on receiving compliments and good word. So, they usually dress in style, they wish to be where most people gather (on balls, parties, concerts, fairs), they always try to be in the center of attention and charm their surroundings with jokes and sharp tongue.

They are ambitious people, a bit egoistic and often gongs towards their goal over the proverbial dead bodies, but if they get engaged in someone’s matters, they can sacrifice much for that person. They hate any kind of bindings or restraint, they love independence, they always do what they think is best themselves, and most importantly – it usually works well for them and lets the achieve the intended success. They often live in wealth.

The zodiacal HORSE is an emotional and sensitive person. They usually lend tenderness to the one they love, they are gentle for them and – at least at the beginning of the relationship – forgets their authoritative instincts, which is very often only temporary – the mundane thoughts and concern for material success return in time.


A person born under that sign enjoys being in the center of attention. They always want to spend time among as many people as they can and see to it that they are noticed, in which they are not always able to maintain healthy moderation and often make a laughing stock out of themselves. They try to be extravagant and amaze people with their originality, which is why they dress in a sophisticated way. They want to have their own original style and take great pride in that, and they enjoy it very much of someone appreciates it. Such comments are more often streaked with irony than dictated by amazement, but they are completely oblivious to that fact, or they just don’t want to admit it and dwell in their perfect wellbeing and self-satisfaction. It should be admitted that they generally are a very likeable person, as they are sympathetic and want to be friendly towards anyone they meet.

They can say something nice to anyone, so there aren’t many people who would not be sympathetic towards them, and they are a welcome sight at parties or social meetings. They are all the more a desirable guest because they can be the life and soul of the party and encourage everyone to have a great time and, if need be, ease a tense situation with a witty joke, as the love being the dance leader and instigator of everything that happens. However, they often end up in trouble because of their overly loose tongue and spreading gossip. They can also be very malignant about it, as they have a sharp tongue and enjoy irony .

Their intelligence cannot be said to be dazzling but it is cleverly made up for with other virtues, so most people would say they are unusually brilliant anyway. They possess vast knowledge about various subjects with which they can impress people around them, which of course flatters the Horse a lot, all the more because they are full complexes. They are aware they are not the perfect person they would like to be and be seen as. That is why they are often haunted by the thoughts of everything being revealed and people thinking very ill of them, so they try even harder to hide their weaknesses, bringing out the virtues, which they do not always do skilfully and sometimes even makes them act silly.

Their another vice is their significant egoism. The most important matter in their life is satisfying their ambition and realize the plans, and if someone tries to stand in the Horse’s way, they can pay dearly, as the Horse has no remorse. Other people seem more important to them only sporadically, but then they do nothing half-way, and are capable to the greatest of sacrifices and giving up on their pursuits, giving themselves to helping others completely.

Professional life

The Horse is very tough professionally and as such is a difficult opponent. If they put their mind on something, they try to achieve the assumed goal ruthlessly, not paying attention to anything or anyone. They care nothing for other people’s advice or pleads, all that counts is their task, nothing else matters. Their loved ones might get upset about it, for they want to help the Horse, and they, instead of appreciating it and being glad about the fact someone cares, tells them to stay out of it and not in a very diplomatic way.

That is why they are often considered hot-headed, and are told that they fly like the proverbial moth into the fire, but they know what they’re doing and are aware of the fact that there is no victory without risks. Their actions, although often risky, not to say – reckless, really works well for them, so it is better not to advise them and just observe and learn from them, much can be gained from that.

Love life

A person born under this sign is in great need of love and the sense of being loved. They are capable of doing virtually anything in the name of love, even of humiliation if it means getting it. They have great inner passion that consumers them like a fever, which is not good for them. If they can put a stop to it and at least partly silence it, they can form a really happy relationship and live a fulfilled life. Sadly, they are very egoistic and want the world of their significant other to revolve solely around them. Later, when they start a family, they also expect to be the center of it and go very far to achieve it, as their expectations are nearly absurd, so they are not easy to live with.

The Horse can create a consistent, harmonious relationship with a Goat, as they can positively influence their egoistic tendencies and will surely be able to approach their dominant aspirations with humor. They will also be on the same page with a Dog or a Tiger, worse with a Rat, as they will almost certainly be in constant conflict, making it impossible for form a lasting compromise.

A female Horse is a very sociable person, open to new acquaintances, also with men . It is relatively easy to get close to her when it comes to breaking the ice, and even a very shy or timid man should have no problem with it, as she will gladly help him get rid of his insecurities and will be the first to reach out. She is sympathetic, which makes people like her, and there is always a small group of interested man hanging out around her. She falls in love quickly so she’s usually glad to engage in relationships which, however, do not last very long, as her idea of love and life in a relationship is far from reality. They are quite painful disappointments for her, caused chiefly by the fact that she attracts men with whom she is not able to form a lasting relationship, in spite of wishing it very much. Initially she faces a problem making the right assessment of whether a man is worth her attention and will be able to give her what she wants, and she only learns to do it skilfully in time, so a lot of time has to pass for her to find the right partner. She values men with big sense of humor, passion and intelligence. It must also be someone who is just as sociable as she is, so she can take him for meetings with her numerous friends and not have to feel embarrassed for his rudeness.

A male Horse is very open to new acquaintances and loses his head for a newly met woman relatively quickly. He is easily seduced, but keeping him by one’s side for longer is much trickier, as his feeling quickly pass, just as his initial interest. When he meets a woman, he immediately thinks her to be the one and only and succumbs to the strong emotions he experiences, and then, he awakens, he realized that the relationship was doomed from the get to which he would have seen right away, had he been more reasonable.

It is, however, dangerous to him, as he can fall into a situation he might not be able to get out of, for example a marriage with no chances for survival. He wastes his time and energy with that, but he either does not see it or does not want to realize it, as he adores being in love. Such state is a great motivation to take action for him, it makes him able and willing to do anything Later, as the charm passes, he becomes very apathetic, so it is no wonder he does not like being alone, and although relationships turn out to be a stream of disappointments to him, he indulges into new acquaintances in search for something he will probably never find.

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