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Element: Fire

Lucky number: 2

Stone: Emerald

Favorable zodiac signs: Rabbit, Pig, Horse

Unfavorable zodiac signs: Ox, Rat, Monkey, Dragon, Horse

Western zodiac equivalent: Cancer

Years: 1900, 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008

A person from the under the sign of GOAT is usually gifted with a natural, unforced charm, many artistic talents, they love nature and remaining in close contact with it, but they are a typical life pessimist, worrying for practically no reason, capricious and sometimes with moods that annoy their surroundings.

They have little problems adapting to new life conditions, but because they are uneasy with inner doubts, they seek others’ advice even in the most trivial matters, they often complain and love to wallow in self-pity. A person with enough patience to listen to all of that is often considered the best and most faithful friend by the GOAT.

Usually polite and conciliatory, a person from under the sign of GOAT does not have their own opinion or strength of will, they act as their surroundings tell them to. They enter into marriage for convenience, they can make it quite well in life and are rather happy – even though their behavior and words can sometimes indicate otherwise.


The most important trait of a person born under that sign is their pessimism. They constantly see the world in black colors and believe there is always some disaster waiting to happen in their life. Every problems is nearly a tragedy to them, and they consider it in every possible way, worrying about a trivial thing that would just go unnoticed by others. They practically never feel truly happy and fulfilled, as they always feel there is something wrong with their situation and are able to find something as the source of their unhappiness. Satisfaction is alien them, they do not appreciate their abilities or possessions.

Other than that, they are a very good, sensitive and compassionate person, so even if people blame the Goat for they do not what they want from life and do not enjoy what they have and what others would really like, they are generally liked. They are willing to help others, as they have a lot of empathy, and nothing is as close to them as the feeling of unhappiness, so they know that even if they cannot permanently improve their own situation, they will at least try to make it better for others. They often take part in charity and spend a lot of time doing it.

Even though the Goat constantly faces some problems, they try not to put them on the shoulder of the surroundings or even closest friends, as they dislike opening up and complaining about their problems. Still, the enjoy being cared for and often burdens other people with their own most important decisions they are afraid of making themselves. The knowledge that someone can make decisions and responsibility for them gives them a sense of security they long for each day.

They are a very shy person, they dislike being in the spotlight and would much rather be in the shadow of other, more outgoing people. They also lack any leadership ability and it is more likely them that submit to the will of others and adapts to situations created by other people, which is very convenient for them, but maybe that is why they are never satisfied with their fate. It is caused by the fact they know they are not the best at decision-making, as they usually lack common sense. They often unintentionally bring trouble onto themselves, they also cannot take responsibility for their lives and lack self-control.

Professional life

The Goat is often an artistically gifted person and finds fulfillment in that area. If they guide their talent well or – what happens more often – have it guided by others, they can achieve great success and it often happens. After all, it is not that important in what field the decide to act, as they have many abilities that help them with that significantly. Most of all, they know who to hang out with to make it work for them. They skilfully use people for their benefit and pretend they are ready to submit in everything, which is very flattering to people, especially those in higher position than the Goat. Besides, the Goat needs someone whose back they can climb on to the top, for they themselves lack the ingenuity and willingness to act. Someone has to drag them to the top along with them and pose as a constant inspiration, for it only then that the Goat has a chance for success. They will not be very good at running their own business, they should also stay away from a role in which they would have to lead someone. It is the Goat that needs someone to be constantly rules and directed by.

Love life

For the Goat, a sense of security and stability is often more important that love. They can even enter a marriage for convenience, if only to achieve those two things, pushing the dreams of romantic love and fulfillment to the background. That is why they often enter into a relationship with someone who can grand them prosperous, comfortable life and make them not worry about the future.

A Goat can create the best relationship with someone from under the sign of Rabbit, Horse or Pig. All of these signs will be beneficial for their pessimism and bad moods. A relationship with an Ox will surely be unfavorable to them, as the Ox themselves long for a sense of stability and requires being given safety, and the Dog, who is a great pessimist themselves, can get the Goat into a deep depression.

A female Goat is very shy and it is difficult for her to establish contacts with other people, so she might appear distant to men which is why not everyone has the courage to approach her. Here is no loss in it, though, as she is not a person interested in passing acquaintances, and if she finds the right man, she is able to open up to him and feels right away as if she has known him her entire life. She is not embarrassed when being with him and that is the main criterion for her – if she meets a new person and feels comfortable in his company, she knows right away she can build a stable relationship, and it is the stability and sense of safety that is most important to her, more even than love. She is a great traditionalist and wants her family to be a traditional model – she wants to guard the warmth of home and expects of the husband to ensure financial well-being of her and her children, but her expectations in that regard are high, as she wants a good standard of life.

She in particularly open about her feelings and does not like to reduce love to physicality. She values romanticism and its spiritual dimension, mutual trust and a spiritual bond are important to her. Her man must have all the traits that will make her fill fulfilled and safe with him. He must be decisive and resolute, responsible and willing to start and traditional family.

A male Goat is not a seducer, although it must be admitted that he has natural predisposition to that which he most likely wastes and is even unaware of. He is shy towards women, as he is full of complexes and lack confidence. Each time he meets someone new, he thinks that the said women mercilessly mocks him silently and sees right through his shortcomings which – as he believes – he has plenty of, one more shameful than the other. It is no wonder then that he often feels paralyzed and unable to utter a single word, which naturally does not make women go crazy for him.

If a women grows seriously interested in him, he experiences real torment, as on one hand he longs for getting closer to her and takes steps to achieve it, but he also goes through periods of doubt when he thinks that someone like him has no chance with anyone either way. If, however, the said woman is also interested in him and additionally encourages and helps him approach her, she can gain a lot from it, for when a Goat finally decides to open up, he reveals the multitude of inner virtues. True, discovering all of that takes a lot of patience and time, but it is worth the wait, as a male Goat is a wonderful partner. Most of all, he is very faithful and one can be sure he will never cheat. When he starts a family, he would best like to spend his entire time with them, he is a wonderful husband and father.

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