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Element: Wood

Lucky number: 5

Stone: Emerald

Favorable zodiac signs: Rat, Monkey, Snake

Unfavorable zodiac signs: Goat, Rabbit, Dog

Western zodiac equivalent: Aries

Years: 1904, 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012

A person from under the sign of DRAGON is direct, with positive outlook on their surroundings, they know what they want out of life and pursues it. They have a good chance for success, mainly due to their inherent diligence, regularity, and desire for perfection. They expect much of themselves and others, but if someone achieves success – a Dragon always praises that and – if they have the competence – rewards it. They can achieve much in professional life, in various fields, especially those that require independence and their own opinion, like as a company owner, priest, soldier or a scientist .

They are intolerant of negative remarks about them, they love to talk and sometimes even annoy the listener with their speeches, but generally – thanks to their vigor, positive attitude towards life, talent and wise outlook on reality – they are a liked and valued person, it is good to reckon with their opinion – their advice is usually well-balanced and accurate.

The zodiacal DRAGON can be difficult in love. On one hand, they enjoy popularity among the opposite sex and often are an object of a really warm feeling, on the other, they do not give much out of themselves – they push the matters of love somewhere behind the scenes, very often – might be that the most among all the signs – they decide to stay single.


A person born under this sign has great amount of energy and that might be their most prevalent trait, it shows that they’re full of it. They cannot sit in one place for long, they constantly moving, always doing something, which mostly turns out well for them at least in most cases. Their vital force seems virtually infinite, and people from their surroundings do not remember seeing them tired or in need of rest. They are thought of as people of iron which is actually true, as nothing can defeat them and illnesses do not bring them down. When everyone has to slow down, they courageously and with the same energy press on, so it is no wonder they achieve great results at work.

As far as their social contacts are concerned, it is a bit more complicated, as even though they try to be honest and truthful, and they are just that in most cases, they don’t always are. They are capable of lying and can dwell in it for a long time, deceiving other and sometimes even himself. They value directness, so they can be approach easily. They do not like games and unclear situations, they are overly simple which is they sometimes are prone to social faux pas, as they are not always able to keep their behavior composed. They pay it no mind, however, and often just don’t realize they acted inappropriately, and the people surrounding them, seeing the Dragon’s great mood, have not heart to spoil it and keep the information of their mistakes to themselves. However, is it not a good solution, for if they found out what they did wrong, they could at least try to avoid doing that in the future, yet their surroundings make it somewhat impossible through tolerance.

The Dragon is a great perfectionist, especially if they care about something. They would like to be the best at everything, and they believe they could reach near-perfection, but that optimism is in large part exaggerated as they would have to significantly change their attitude to achieve that, which is not possible in their case. However, they are not aware of that and place more and more expectations for themselves, and even though they cannot live up to the smaller ones, they raise the bar ever higher. They have just as great expectations towards their loved ones, which – not surprisingly – generates conflicts, often serious ones.

Their another great flaw is their inability to hold their tongue – they often don’t consider what they are going to say and just babble whatever they think of. Even though they are usually aware of that flaw, as they see the negative consequences of such actions and upsets many people by it, sometimes even for good, they are unable to change it anyway and it would be best for people around them to realize that if the Dragon offends someone, it is usually not on purpose and they regret it immediately. Still, people cannot always be so tolerant towards them because the Dragon themselves are not willing to be tolerant to others. On the contrary – they are very sensitive about themselves and do not like anyone to joke or speak ironically about them . They then get very upset and one can be sure that, if someone keeps up such behavior towards them, they will soon have little chance to do it again, as the Dragon will exclude them from the group of their friends.. It is better, then, to respect their irritability and not give them reasons for agitation, especially because they can get very unpleasant in that state. However, their friends usually reckon with them, not only because they fear their sharp tongue, but also because of their life wisdom. The advice they give is always perfectly balanced and worth using, so everyone would rather have them as an ally than foe.

Professional life

The Dragon is usually a person of many talents and as such is practically sure to succeed. It rarely happens that they do not make a serious career, especially because they care deeply about it, are very proud and have great ambitions. They are aware of their huge intelligence and that is probably why, not to waste it, they are ready for any sacrifice for a goal they deem important.

They will do a great job as a scientist and have a chance to be remembered by history, but can also make a career and earn significant amounts of money as a politician, soldier or running their own business. Their great strength lies in the fact that they are not only hardworking, which they surely are, but also willing to make significant sacrifices if they consider their goal to be worth it. That is why their job might become their sense of life. The greatest misfortune they can have is choosing the wrong profession, for if the performed job is not satisfying to them, they will not put their heart into it and will not make a career.

Love life

The Dragon is quite frigid and as such not capable of higher feelings. If they do, however, fall in love, it happens rarely, they are often the object of other people’s desire and a cause of someone’s suffering, as they are not willing to form a relationship. They often even choose a solitary life, as they see no reason of getting engaged in a relationship, if they are not convinced they should do it. They are completely unbothered by it and it is not such a problem for them as for other people, as they are self-sufficient and are able to make it on their own.

They can form the bets relationship with a Rat whose sense of humor will positively influence them and make them discard their pride and stiffness. They will also communicate greatly with a Snake, a Monkey or a Pig. They will surely be unable to find common ground with w Tiger, they should also stay away from a Dog, as a person born under that sign is too pragmatic for a Dragon and could cause them to stop believing in their own greatness, and if they lost their confidence, they could not amount to anything anymore.

A female dragon is so special no one can pass by her indifferent. She is very confident and aware of what she can do, which agitates some people as they believe those traits to be reprehensible and should be shamefully hidden, not proudly parade and show them off. Others, on the other hand, envy her that attitude, as they would like to have that courage themselves to express their personality, such people are very impressed by a female Dragon. However, it more often than not scares men away, but she is not bothered by it, as she is not the type of woman to wait passively for the man to make the first move. If there is someone she has her eye on, she immediately takes the initiative. She is never afraid of anything and is always ready to try.

She has practically no hesitation, she can enjoy life, love and everything that comes with that feeling. She loves various experiments and intends to try everything life offers her, that is why she often changes her partners and is not keen on the idea of wasting herself with just one, at least until she finds out there is nothing more to discover. She can never complain about lack of popularity, she also attracts men who are just as proud, confident and full of temperament as she is, so her relationships are usually turbulent, hot and full of passion. She must, however, have a lot of independence, as she is not about to let anyone make her grow overly attached to him, and changing for him is out of the question – on the contrary, she always has the upper hand, and her partner is to either unquestionably accept it or be left without remorse. She is just as uncompromising when her partner does not live up to her expectations, regardless of what area of life they are related to. She is not going to waste time arguing and if she sees something going according to her desires, she has no patience for explanations or second chances.

A male dragon has great temperament and a large part of his energy is used for romance. He loves wooing women and it has to be admitted that he has natural talent for it. he always knows what tactics to use for any woman to fall for him, even if she initially shows decisive resistance, and if one of them is especially difficult to conquer, it is all the more alluring to him and he will surely not give up until he gets what he wants. He is not very sentimental and his actions have little to do with love, for he does not need it and is not going to form a stable relationship. He enjoys conquering much more of which he can boast among his friends and increase his value in his own eyes, and he moreover believes that passing romances cause him no trouble unlike a stable relationship or – worse even – marriage which he avoids as much as he can. He is very charismatic and women cannot resist him.

Every woman that has anything to do with him hopes that his interest bodes well for a future together, and feel very disappointed later, after a short yet intensive relationship, she is discarded without mercy in favor of another “prey”. His surrounding often scold him for that but he pays it no mind. He enjoys the life he leads and is not going to change it, so it is very difficult to get him to walk down the aisle, often completely impossible, for if he notices that someone is out for his freedom, he becomes very unpleasant and tries to defend his independence any way he can.

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